Pace Car Build

Ready for “Show & Go”

In 2005, Rich Rish began building the new RaceStar pace car. Below is the progression of the build. We apologize for the lack of resolution for the photos. These are the only photos we could recover from the old website.


Feb. 2, 2005 – The new RaceStar Pace Car “Project Modified” is progressing nicely. Most parts have been rounded up with the help of many racing companies helping out. The latest addition to the project is coming from Pro Racing Engines in Crown Point, Indiana. They are putting together an engine that will propel the street legal Buzzard chassis to and from the tracks with power to spare. Attempting to connect that power to the road will be four 12″ wide Firestone Firehawks coming from Heinold & Feller Firestone in Valparaiso, IN. A sneek peek at the winning body design are coming soon! Stay tuned….

Feb. 13, 2005 – RaceStar is pleased to announce that Brian Bertsch of Simply Suspension, Momence, IL, is joining us in our Pace Car project. Brian, with his vast knowledge of suspensions and shock technology will be a great asset in choosing all the right components for our project. For more information on Simply Suspension click here or visit their web site

Feb. 27, 2005 – With final parts selections coming together, the RaceStar Pace Car is now on its own wheels! With a visit to Simply Suspension, we picked up all necessary parts to finish the front and rear suspension. A quick trip to B&S Race Fabrication in Lowell, IN enabled us to modify the front spindles to accept the larger screw in ball joints. Bernie at B&S is extremely knowledgeable in race car fabrication. Now with the chassis on its own wheels, we’re ready for the Pro Racing Engine installation. Stay tuned!!!

Mar. 3, 2005 – ┬áMore fabrication has taken place and Project Modified is on its own wheels. The fuel cell is also in after some slight chassis modifications. The next step is the installation of the passenger and right footwell area.

Mar. 9, 2005 – One of the toughest fabrication items is nearing completion, the working passenger door. A huge amount of thought had to be applied to make everything work together. Passenger seat and saftey belt mounts are next.

Mar. 19, 2005 – Before final chassis paint, we trial fit all of the new interior panels. This took a lot of fabrication to get everything to fit.

Mar. 23, 2005 – All gauges finally arrived from Autometer and were test fit into the dash. Next step is to disassemble complete car to paint chassis and reassemble. We’re getting closer!

Apr. 6, 2005 – With the chassis all painted and the interior reinstalled for good, the next job was the installation of the headlamps. We wanted to put in retractable light assemblies but there wasn’t enough room with the steering gearbox in the way. The wiring is also nearly finished. There are alot more electrical systems on a street car than a normal race car! Many hours have been spent in this area alone. Stay tuned…

Apr. 17, 2005 – Project Modified hit the street today!!! On its first trip out of the garage in some time, the Pro Racing Engine powered project made a quick trip down the street and back. Everything worked as planned. Now to finish the body and get ready for graphics. It won’t be long now…

Apr. 20, 2005 – The body panels have been installed and Project Modified is now sporting its base colors and is really taking shape.

Apr. 27, 2005 – With the last bit of finishing work completed on the body, it’s off to have the decals applied.

Apr. 29, 2005 – It’s done!!! After visiting Bill Amsler from Signature Signs for decals, the car looks AWESOME.

Despite the cold temps, “Project Modified” made it’s debut at Crown Point Speedway on Sat night. Everyone loved it. Now watch for “Project Modified” at your local track this summer and maybe even get a ride!

May 22, 2005 – “Project Modified has now visited 4 tracks in the last 5 weeks and the response has been overwhelming. All the long hours have really paid off, especially for the lucky few that have actually gotten a ride.