Saunders, Wiltjer pick up first features of the season at Plymouth Speedway!

Garrett Saunders leads Dylan Woodling and Ed Cleveland to the checkered flag Saturday evening at Plymouth Speedway in the 600cc non-wing mini-sprint feature.

Saunders, Wiltjer pick up first feature wins of the season

Additional prize money added for Season Championship Night Saturday, Aug. 15

By Greg Hildebrand

PLYMOUTH—Five divisions were in action on the penultimate night of racing for the regular season points battle at Plymouth Speedway. The leaders in Thunder Stocks and 600cc non-wing mini-sprints are protecting single digit leads as this unusual regular points season comes to an end next Saturday. To make things even more exciting Plymouth Speedway has announce special payouts to win. UMP Modifieds will be racing for $1,500 to win. The remaining four classes will all be looking to take home a $1000 to win.

So while the Plymouth Speedway point leaders will be looking to end the points season on top, the added money should bring in hot shoes looking for a big check in victory lane. Racing will start at 6:30 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 15.

Two those racers looking to close out on top of their tight points race are Dylan Woodling with a slim eight point lead over Ed Cleveland in the 600cc non-wing mini-sprints and Austen Hubbard only five point ahead of Lee Hall in the Thunder Stock division.

Bradley Jameson has a 58 point lead in the UMP Modifieds and his third place finish Saturday night helped him stay on top. Winning in the feature was Derek Losh in a 25 green lap event. Losh would start on the outside of the front row alongside second place finisher Brian Ruhlman. The real racing in the event was for third place as Jameson started fifth and would trade places with Todd Sherman, Woodling, and Ryan Cripe who would all be scored in third at one point in the race.

Woodling would improve one position in his 600cc non-wing mini-sprint, he races in both divisions. Woodling would start on the pole and would show the way for the majority of the race as eventual winner Garrett Saunders would start in fourth worked his way to the front on the high side of the track.

Saunders would get past Woodling with only a couple of laps remaining.  As the white flag flew Andy Alderfer would get his car upside down bringing out the red flag. Saunders held off Woodling on the restart as third place starter Cleveland would finish just off the pace in third.

Super Street had a good turnout with 21 cars taking the green flag on their feature. Shaun Wiltjer would start in the fifth position and would end up leading Chris Tlippit and points leader Ron Wilkes to the checkered flag. With 21 cars on the track it wasn’t long before the leaders were dealing with lapped traffic and that would lead to trouble as several cars suffered bent fenders, broken bumpers and flat tires that would mix up the running order and lead to an extended clean up. Once the dust and bent metal was cleared Wiltjer was able to stretch the lead as the remaining laps ran out.

Hubbard and Lee Hall started the evening tied for the points lead in the Thunder Stock division and  would go on to finish one two in the feature. Hubbard’s win over Hall gives him the slimmest of margins over Hall in the season points battle. Hubbard would start the feature in fourth immediately behind Hall with eventual third place finisher Brandon Shelhart starting on the pole.

The hard charger of the Thunder Stock feature was fifth place finisher Andy Hall having started in tenth.

Pole sitter David Gingerich looked to have the four cylinder mini-stock feature all sewn up when his engine let him down on the white flag lap handing the victory to season points leader Josh Lank. Following lank across the finish line was Aaron Tatman and third place finisher Rich Loraff.

While the five regular divisions will wrap up the points battle Saturday night with the $1,000 and $1,500 to win there is still plenty of racing scheduled for the clay track. Ollies Bargain Outlet All Star Circuit of Champions featuring NASCAR Hall of Fame will return to the “Playground of Power” on Saturday, Aug. 22. The NRA Sprint Invaders show as rescheduled their rained out 360 winged sprint car event for Sept. 12. Look on the website at and the Facebook page for announcement of the rescheduled World of Outlaw Sprint Car show.

8/8/2020 at Plymouth Speedway

Asphalt Mini Stocks

A Feature 1: 1. 17-Josh Lank[6]; 2. 9-Aaron Tatman[3]; 3. 85M-Rich Loraff[8]; 4. 17JR-Josh Lank Jr[5]; 5. X111-Sam Wheeler[14]; 6. 07R-Chad Loyer[10]; 7. 3X-Phillip McCord[15]; 8. 31-Nick Ott[13]; 9. 8BALL-David Gingerich[1]; 10. 16-Aaron Yates[11]; 11. E85-Ethan Joseph[12]; 12. 13C-Kyle Wright[19]; 13. 75-Jacob Beard[2]; 14. 54-Zack Clark[9]; 15. 5X-Brian Isley[4]; 16. 45-Jeremy Conley[7]; 17. 54H-Wayne Hardesty[18]

Heat 1: 1. 8BALL-David Gingerich[8]; 2. 75-Jacob Beard[5]; 3. 9-Aaron Tatman[9]; 4. 45-Jeremy Conley[1]; 5. 54-Zack Clark[6]; 6. 16-Aaron Yates[7]; 7. 31-Nick Ott[4]; 8. 3X-Phillip McCord[3]; 9. 36-Travis Goff[2]

Heat 2: 1. 5X-Brian Isley[1]; 2. 17-Josh Lank[7]; 3. 17JR-Josh Lank Jr[4]; 4. 85M-Rich Loraff[8]; 5. 07R-Chad Loyer[2]; 6. E85-Ethan Joseph[6]; 7. X111-Sam Wheeler[5]; 8. 75C-Randall Bromer[3]; 9. 54H-Wayne Hardesty[9]

UMP Modifieds

A Feature 1: 1. 21-Derek Losh[2]; 2. 49-Brian Ruhlman[1]; 3. 10-Bradley Jameson[5]; 4. 65-Todd Sherman[3]; 5. 3W-Dylan Woodling[4]; 6. 23-Ryan Cripe[6]; 7. 2M-Matt Mitchell[10]; 8. 53-Bobby Stremme[7]; 9. 55-Justin Matson[12]; 10. 2D-Curtis Deisenroth[9]; 11. J7-Joey Iliff[8]; 12. 29-Steve Shellenberger[11]; 13. 00-Cameron Head[16]; 14. 3H-Jim Henson[13]; 15. 17-Jarrod Klay[18]; 16. 25M-Brian Mcfeeters[15]; 17. 66W-Jack Waldfogel[17]; 18. 1W-Larry Witt Jr[14]; 19. 0-Garrett Jameson[19]

Heat 1: 1. 49-Brian Ruhlman[1]; 2. 21-Derek Losh[4]; 3. 23-Ryan Cripe[3]; 4. 53-Bobby Stremme[2]; 5. 2D-Curtis Deisenroth[5]; 6. 29-Steve Shellenberger[6]; 7. 3H-Jim Henson[7]; 8. 25M-Brian Mcfeeters[8]; 9. 66W-Jack Waldfogel[9]

Heat 2: 1. 3W-Dylan Woodling[2]; 2. 10-Bradley Jameson[1]; 3. 65-Todd Sherman[6]; 4. J7-Joey Iliff[4]; 5. 2M-Matt Mitchell[3]; 6. 55-Justin Matson[9]; 7. 1W-Larry Witt Jr[5]; 8. 00-Cameron Head[8]; 9. 17-Jarrod Klay[7]

Super Sports

A Feature 1: 1. 1W-Shaun WiltjerHunt[5]; 2. 14T-Chris Tippit[6]; 3. 19-Ron Wilkes[7]; 4. 28-Joe Spiewak[3]; 5. 88-Calvin Peek Jr[11]; 6. 82-Darren Wireman[13]; 7. 15-David Short[17]; 8. 09-Robert Myers[12]; 9. 77A-Joe Clark[9]; 10. 111-Kirby Trent[20]; 11. 15JR-Andrew Short[2]; 12. 34M-JC Moldovan[14]; 13. 20X-John Rhoads[8]; 14. 16-Kyle Barger[1]; 15. 44-David Fritz[10]; 16. 51-Jason Fritz[21]; 17. 29-Tommy Sutton[16]; 18. 44JR-Danny Komisarcik Jr[18]; 19. 12-Kody Conner[4]; 20. 51W-Rob Wagley[15]; 21. 08T-Jeremy Thomas[19]

Heat 1: 1. 16-Kyle Barger[4]; 2. 28-Joe Spiewak[2]; 3. 19-Ron Wilkes[6]; 4. 44-David Fritz[5]; 5. 82-Darren Wireman[8]; 6. 29-Tommy Sutton[3]; 7. 44JR-Danny Komisarcik Jr[1]; 8. 111-Kirby Trent[7]

Heat 2: 1. 12-Kody Conner[2]; 2. 1W-Shaun WiltjerHunt[1]; 3. 20X-John Rhoads[7]; 4. 88-Calvin Peek Jr[4]; 5. 34M-JC Moldovan[3]; 6. 15-David Short[5]; 7. 08T-Jeremy Thomas[6]

Heat 3: 1. 14T-Chris Tippit[2]; 2. 15JR-Andrew Short[1]; 3. 77A-Joe Clark[6]; 4. 09-Robert Myers[7]; 5. 51W-Rob Wagley[3]

Street Stocks

A Feature 1: 1. 114-Austen Hubbard[4]; 2. 90-Lee Hall[2]; 3. 10S-Brandon Shelhart[1]; 4. 21K-Jacob Kolwyck[3]; 5. 15-Andy Hall[10]; 6. 10-Michael Roe[5]; 7. 99-Nate Payton[11]; 8. 9-Ryan Arnett[9]; 9. 48C-Wade Clemmons[7]; 10. 22-Chad Neeley[8]; 11. 10H-Clinton Hunter[16]; 12. 24-Spencer Knight II[6]; 13. 55-Tyler Holloway[15]

Heat 1: 1. 114-Austen Hubbard[5]; 2. 10S-Brandon Shelhart[7]; 3. 24-Spencer Knight II[3]; 4. 48C-Wade Clemmons[2]; 5. 9-Ryan Arnett[4]; 6. 99-Nate Payton[1]; 7. 5-Shane Sanders[6]

Heat 2: 1. 90-Lee Hall[2]; 2. 10-Michael Roe[1]; 3. 21K-Jacob Kolwyck[5]; 4. 22-Chad Neeley[4]; 5. 15-Andy Hall[7]; 6. 62-Josh Warren[3]; 7. 20S-John Sevison[6]; 8. 55-Tyler Holloway[8]

600cc Non Winged Micros

A Feature 1: 1. 71-Garrett Saunders[4]; 2. 3W-Dylan Woodling[1]; 3. 45-Ed Cleveland[3]; 4. 35-Justin Harper[10]; 5. 4S-Parker Tatro[5]; 6. 6-Nick Schaefer[8]; 7. 57-Chad Hartzell[9]; 8. 4-Bruce Clay[6]; 9. 20-Mike Shellenberger[14]; 10. 967-Adam Lock[11]; 11. 29-Kayla Cleveland[16]; 12. 19-Jett Mann[7]; 13. 1A-Andy Alderfer[2]; 14. 67-Steve Lock[15]; 15. 5T-Tony Tauber[13]; 16. 27J-Joseph Irons[12]

Heat 1: 1. 71-Garrett Saunders[3]; 2. 4-Bruce Clay[2]; 3. 3W-Dylan Woodling[4]; 4. 19-Jett Mann[1]; 5. 57-Chad Hartzell[5]; 6. 967-Adam Lock[6]; 7. 5T-Tony Tauber[8]; 8. 67-Steve Lock[7]

Heat 2: 1. 1A-Andy Alderfer[1]; 2. 45-Ed Cleveland[3]; 3. 4S-Parker Tatro[2]; 4. 6-Nick Schaefer[4]; 5. 35-Justin Harper[6]; 6. 27J-Joseph Irons[5]; 7. 20-Mike Shellenberger[8]; 8. 29-Kayla Cleveland[7]

Derek Losh beats the UMP Modified field to the checkers, his fourth Plymouth Speedway feature win in 2020.

Ed Cleveland (left) finished third and Garrett Saunders (right) was the 600cc non-wing mini-sprint feature winner. Not pictured was second place finisher Dylan Woodling, he also races in UMP Modifieds which was the next class on the schedule.

Pictured are the second place, Brian Ruhlman (left) and third place Bradley Jameson (right) finishers in the UMP Modified feature. Winner Derek Losh is not pictured his car was beginning to overheat and he retired to the pits.

The Super Sport podium consisted of (left to right), third place finisher Ron Wilkes, first place Shaun Wiltjer, and second place finisher Chris Tippit.

Thunder Stock feature podium was (left to right), winner Austin Hubbard, second place Lee Hall, and third place finisher Brandon Shelhart.

The Mini Stock podium was a family affair with Josh Lank and his family, Aaron Tatman and his son, and Rich Loraff joined by his wife in victory circle.