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Remembering Tootie Weyrauch; By Stan Kalwasinski

Remembering Tootie Weyrauch

By Stan Kalwasinski

Former Chicago area female stock car racer Tootie Weyrauch passed away in Florida on February 13 at the age of 88.

Racing at O’Hare Stadium in Schiller Park, Ill., Weyrauch was married to O’Hare competitor Bob Weyrauch and first competed at the Chicago area paved oval in the early 1960s, racing her husband’s Chevy #73 in women-only “Powder Puff” races.  Bob Weyrauch was crowned O’Hare’s 1960 Cadet (sportsman) champion and was pretty much a competitor there until the track closed after the 1968 season.

Weyrauch, calling Des Plaines, Ill., home, was among a number of female racers at O’Hare who battled the “guys” in the $100-claim “Golden Chariots” stock division, racing her ’52 Chevy #273.  On one June evening in 1962, she found herself finishing third in the new division’s main event.  Sometimes known as the “Pink Angels,” the women’s cars were painted pink to distinguish them from the guys’ golden race cars.  An article in the Chicago Tribune newspaper mentioned Weyrauch, along with Nancy Struck, Lori Fritsche, Micky Menard and Terry Turner, competing in O’Hare’s Chariot class.

Attending Maine Township High School as a teenager, Weyrauch also competed in the Cadet (sportsman) class at O’Hare, again racing against the men in her ’59 Chevy #73.  She was among the competitors in the track’s new Volkswagen division in 1967, piloting her #52 Pre-Heat Special.  Weyrauch’s final victory came at the Waukegan Speedway in 1973 in “Powder Puff” division competition.

Rest in Peace, Tootie.