Lincoln Park SpeedwayPress Release

Matt Mitchell Seals The Deal At LPS As The Champion And Feature Winner

By Kenny Clark
Saturday at LPS was the last regular season night.  21 sprints entered the gates and it was a loaded field.  The 3 fast times in their groups were Jake Swanson 13.512, Shane Cottle 13.160 and Matt Thompson 13.139.  This setup the heats with an invert of 2.  The 1st heat was loaded and Jake Swanson took the win over Brayden Fox, Jadon Rogers, Brent Beauchamp and Brandon Mattox.  Heat race 2 was won by the LPS champ for 2023  Tye Mihocko who won it over Shane Cottle, Brandon Spencer, Zack Pretorius and Kyle Johnson. The final heat was won by Matt Thompson over Harley Burns, Kyle Shipley, Chance Crum and John Sluss.  This setup the A main and drawing the front row it was Harley Burns and Shane Cottle.  This would be another dandy 25 lap main event to end the season on Saturdays at LPS.  Harley Burns looked strong on the bottom and he had the 2E Shane Cottle down lower on the tires trying to put on the pressure.  We also had some cars up on the top shelf with Jake Swanson, Tye Mihocko and Jadon Rogers trying to make the cushion work for them.  This race had multiple cautions and red flags and the surface was still producing 12 second and low 13 second laps.  Brandon Mattox and Tye Mihocko were coming to the front towards the halfway point.  The final 10 laps though Harley ran an almost perfect race on his line and he was able to hold on for the win even though a late caution Tye would give it a strong run.  Coming up short giving it his all like he did as the champion of this year Tye would settle for 2nd behind a very big win for Harley Burns to finish out the non wing portion at LPS.  Following these 2 to the checkers it was Shane Cottle, Brandon Mattox from 14th and Brandon Spencer. Thanks to all the teams for an outstanding 2023 and Congrats to JP Motorsports and Tye Mihocko for the 2023  LPS Championship.  We hope to see some of our non wing heroes put on the wing and come try the Maverick Series this Friday night at LPS.

   The UMP Mods had 15 entries and Matt Mitchell and Wes McClara led the way in their groups both in the low 15 second bracket.  Heat race 1 was won by Jimmy Hayden over Matt Mitchell and RT Gamble.  Heat race 2 was won by Roger Mills over Scott Carrington and Wes McClara.  This setup the A main with Roger Mills and Jimmy Hayden drawing the front row.   Matt Mitchell was the 2023 LPS champ and he would start 3rd but wouldn't stay there long.  Matt and Jimmy Hayden had a great 20 lap battle with Matt Mitchell showing how strong he was the entire year taking the lead from Jimmy and headed to victory lane the final night along with the championship.  Following Matt at the finish it was Jimmy Hayden, Scott Carrington, RT Gamble and Wes McClara.  Thanks to all the UMP mod teams and congrats to Matt Mitchell and his entire team for an awesome LPS title and season.

   The UMP Super Stock Champion is Larry Raines and they had 14 entries for the evening.  The 2 fast times were Justin Massie and Travis Heramb.  Heat race 1 Wade Goodale took the win over Nick Kinnett and Justin Massie.  Heat race 2 went to JD Nash over Travis Heramb and Chris Bennett.  This would setup the A main and the 2 heat race winners would also be up front during the 20 lap A main.  Wade Goodale took the win over JD Nash, Justin Massie, Travis Heramb and Jordan Almanza.  Congrats to Larry Raines for his title and 2nd in the national points.  Congrats also to Josh Litton the Bloomington Speedway champ who also was the UMP Champ for 2023.  Congrats to many of our drivers that finished in the top 20 in the nation this year.

   The Mod Lites had 13 entries and their 2 heat winners were Darrick Hubbard and Carson Hubbard.  In the feature it would be Carson Hubbard taking the A main win over Darrick Hubbard, Brenden McGlothlin, Joe Boyll and Casey Davis.  Thanks to the entire Mod Lite group that put on some great shows in 2023.

   The Bombers would have 18 strong entries and the 2 fast times went to Gary Hayden and Josh Foxworthy.   This was the showdown for the night with Joey Raber 1 point ahead of Megan Cavaness for the title.  Heat race 1 would have Jordan Almanza win it over Randy Foxworthy and Scott Tidwell.  Heat race 2 went to Cameron Carrington over Corey Anstead and Josh Foxworthy.  This would setup the A main with Megan starting 7th and Joey starting 10th.  In the early parts of the feature Joey started to make his move to the front.  An early spin would cause 4 cars to be involved and Joey was also in it so he would have to charge from the back with his very fast 121 car.  Megan was running around 6th most of the feature playing it safe and was fortunate not to get in any fender benders.  This class has a ton of talent with about 10 cars that are very competitive each week with very close lap times.  Up front Josh Foxworthy was on the bumper of Jordan Almanza battling for the lead and on the final laps Josh Foxworthy was able to get around Jordan Almanza and take the win.  Josh was followed at the line by Jordan, Gary Hayden, Scott Tidwell and Megan Cavaness.  Congrats to the 5c Megan Cavaness for her title and her entire team.  Congrats to Joey Raber who also had a fantastic season in a classic battle down to the final laps.  Thanks to all the teams at LPS who put on an outstanding show all year for us as fans.  You are all our Saturday night heroes and we appreciate all the hard work it takes to keep a race team going.

Don't forget we still have 2 big ones Friday October 6th it is the new Maverick Wing Series with an Open Bomber show also.  Then on Tuesday October 10th the High Limit Finale where Kyle Larson is just 15 points ahead of Rico Abreu for that title.  Thanks again to all our fans for their support every Saturday night at LPS in 2023.