Madison Recap

Zack Riddle and Jeremy Miller Take Home Late Model Checkered Flags

Zack Riddle and Jeremy Miller (Late Models), Bryan Hellenbrand and Gary Hellenbrand (Sportsman), Nick Schmidt (Bandits), along with Jim Tate Jr. and Scott Riedner (Hobby Stocks) all picked up feature wins tonight as part of K&N Night at Madison.

Riddle now has a 120 point advantage over Miller with two features remaining on the 2018 schedule.

Miller and Riddle Show the Way in the Late Models

Jeremy Miller and Zack Riddle each picked up a win tonight in the NASCAR Late Models.

Jeremy Miller started twelfth and proceeded to win his second feature in a row as he picked up the checkered flag in the first 25 lap feature for the NASCAR Late Models.

Craig Phillips and Rusty Hansen paced the nineteen car field to the green flag.  Phillips took the early lead with Shane Morrissey, Brian Beale, Nick Panitzke, and Brent Edmunds in pursuit.  On lap 5 Beale slid to the inside of Morrissey to take second with Panitzke moving into third on lap 7.  On lap 8 Beale was ready to challenge for the lead and took the point coming out of turn four.

On lap 10 Zack Riddle moved into fourth then third with Jeremy Miller and Jon Reynolds Jr. in fourth and fifth.  Out front Beale was building a sizeable lead over Panitzke as both Riddle and Miller were closing in on Panitzke for second.  On lap 15 Riddle moved to the inside of Panitzke to take the second spot with Miller moving up to third.  Miller was applying heavy pressure on Riddle and eventually worked his way past him to take over the second spot.

Beale continued to sail away out front and things were looking good for him as long as the race stayed green.  But a blown motor on the Ken Hoff Jr. car brought out the caution flag on lap 19.

The cone came out for the restart with Beale choosing the inside and Miller the outside with Riddle and Jon Reynolds Jr. lining up in the second row.  Miller quickly jumped out to the lead with Riddle and Beale battling it out for second.  With five to go Riddle moved into second with Miller ahead of him by two car lengths.

With two to go, Miller’s lead was down to less than a car length.  But he was able to hold off Riddle to pick up the win with Beale, Reynolds Jr., and Panitzke completing the top five.

“This car is so good right now.  I’m just thankful for our guys who work on it.  We’re going to try win two tonight,” said Miller.  Miller now has three wins for the season.

Zack Riddle won the second 25 lap feature for the NASCAR Late Models.  It was his second feature win of the 2018 season.

Brody Willett powered his way past Craig Phillips to take the early lead with Shaun Scheel and Bobby Wilberg racing their way up to second and third before the caution flag waved after a lap for a spin back in the pack.

Scheel elected to line up on the outside of Willett for the restart with Scheel grabbing the lead and Wilberg and Panitzke in second and third.  On lap 3 Wilberg moved past Scheel for the lead shortly before the caution flag waved for a spin in turn one.

For the second restart Wilberg lined up on the inside with Panitzke choosing the outside with Scheel and Willett in row two.  Wilberg was able to keep his lead, but Panitzke was running strong on the outside until he got loose coming out of turn four on lap 4  giving second to Scheel and third to Zack Riddle.  On lap 7 Riddle cruised past Scheel for second with Jeremy Miller moving inside of Panitzke to take the fourth spot.  On lap 10 Riddle raced his way to the inside of Wilberg to take the lead coming out of turn four.  Miller passed Scheel for the third spot on lap 16 and was ready to challenge Wilberg for second.

On lap 13 Miller dropped to the inside of Wilberg coming out of turn four to move into the second position. One lap later the caution flag came out again for a spin on the front stretch.

Riddle lined up on the inside with Miller choosing the outside followed by Wilberg and Will Rece in the second row for the restart.  But before the green flag would wave Miller was forced to go to the pits allowing Rece to move to the front row.  Riddle came away with the lead followed by Wilberg, Scheel, Rece, and Panitzke.

Riddle’s lead quickly built up to four car lengths over Wilberg who had a two length lead over Scheel. From this point  on the race belonged to Riddle who rolled to victory lane and added to his points lead.  Wilberg finished second with Scheel, Rece, and Beale rounding out the top five.

“I have so many people to thank for this car,” said Riddle.

Quick time was set by Zack Riddle with a mark of 18.709 (96.210) mph.  Bobby Wilberg won the Dash.

Big Night for the Hellenbrand Family


Bryan and Gary Hellenbrand picked up their first-ever feature wins tonight in the Dave’s White Rock Sportsman.

Bryan Hellenbrand earned his first ever feature win at Madison by edging out Trevor Robinson at the line in the first 15 lap feature for the Dave’s White Rock Sportsman.

Robinson jumped out to the early lead as Bryan Hellenbrand and Mike Taylor were fighting it out for second.  Robinson was able to maintain his lead as the field lined up side by side behind him. The caution flag came out on lap 8 for a stalled car negating Robinson’s lead.

On the restart Bryan Hellenbrand took the lead from the outside but lost it back to Robinson on lap 9. But this race was far from over as Robinson and Bryan Hellenbrand ran side by side for the lead.

With one lap to go the two were even at the line and they were still even coming out of turn three when Bryan Hellenbrand gained enough momentum to pull ahead of Robinson coming down the front stretch to pick up the win.  Ray Hellenbrand finished third followed by Taylor and Gary Hellenbrand.

“A lot of people to thank for this win,” said Hellenbrand from victory lane.

Gary Hellenbrand won his first-ever feature at Madison in the second 20 lap feature for the Dave’s White Rock Sportsman.

Robert Hansberry Jr. took the early lead over Gary Hellenbrand as the two tried to check away from the field.  Gary Hellenbrand was not about to let Hansberry Jr. get away as he was able to stay within a car length of the leader.  On lap 9 Gary Hellenbrand pulled to the inside of Hansberry Jr. as the two raced side by side for the lead.  Two laps later Gary Hellenbrand took another shot at the lead as he got to Hansberry Jr’s inside.

With two laps to go Gary Hellenbrand took the lead.  With one to go the two were side by side at the line, but Gary Hellenbrand was not going to be denied tonight as he held off Hansberry Jr. for the win.  Ray Hellenbrand finished in third followed by Mike Taylor

“This is a great win. We got together a little bit but everything worked out fine,” said Hellenbrand from victory lane.

Hansberry Jr. set fast time with a lap of 20.276 (88.775 mph) and won the Dash.  Hansberry Jr. has a 1074-1010 lead over Ray Hellenbrand with one night remaining on the 2018 schedule.

Clean Sweep for Nick Schmidt in the Bandits

Nick Schmidt swept the Bandits field tonight winning both features, setting fast time, and winning the Dash.  Schmidt now has six feature wins at Madison in 2018 and has a commanding lead in the point standings with an 1195-1019 lead over McKayla Adams.

Nick Schmidt took the lead with three laps to go and cruised to victory lane in the first 20 lap feature for the Pellitteri Waste Systems Bandits.

Lyle Phillips and Ronnie Osborne raced side by side out front taking turns leading with James Junget. On lap 7 Phillips was able to clear Osborne to take the lead with Junget up to second and McKayla Adams in third.

On lap 14 Nick Schmidt passed both Adams and Junget to take the second position but still had several lengths to close on the leader.  With three laps to go the lead was down to less than one car length and one lap later Schmidt took the lead from the outside and never looked back on his way to victory lane.  Phillips would finish second followed by Jeremy Bredeson, James Junget, and Ronnie Osborne.

“You have to be patient and then make your move,” said Schmidt.

Nick Schmidt also picked up the win in the second 20 lap feature for the Pellitteri Waste Systems Bandits.

McKayla Adams and Bill Kohn ushered the field to the green flag with Kohn gaining the early advantage.

With eight laps to go Nick Schmidt was starting to make his move as he passed Ronnie Osborne then went after Adams for second.  With five laps to go Schmidt pulled to the outside of Adams to take second and started to going to work on Kohn.

With two laps to Schmidt was side by side with Kohn for the lead and gained the advantage on the final lap to edge him at the stripe.  Adams, Jeremy Bredeson, and Ronnie Osborne rounded out the top five.

“It wasn’t easy.  It was a good race,” said Schmidt.

Nick Schmidt toured the Ring of Fire in 14.903 (60.391 mph)  to set fast time and also took the win in the Dash.

Jim Tate Jr. and Scott Riedner Big Winners in the Hobby Stocks

The visiting Hobby Stocks put on another great show on the Ring of Fire with Jim Tate Jr. and Scott Riedner each picking up a win.

Jim Tate Jr. won the first twenty lap feature for the Hobby Stocks.

Dustin Ward and Kolton Guralski brought the thirteen car field to the green flag.  Ward took the lead when Guralski drifted slightly up the track with Dan Snyder working to the inside to battle for second.  On lap 3 Ward spun coming out of turn four just before the caution flag came out for a spin in turn one.

Jim Tate Jr. and Guralski brought the field back to the green with Tate Jr. getting a good jump with Snyder up to second and Brandon Angilieri to third.  On lap 9 Brandon Riedner moved past Angilieri for third with Scott Riedner doing the same on the next lap.

Out front Tate Jr. was running a solid race and was able to maintain a three car length lead over Snyder all the way to the checkered flag.  Rounding out the top five were Brandon Riedner, Scott Riedner, and Guralski.

“It’s a tight little track. It’s definitely very technical since no corner is the same,” said Tate Jr. from victory lane.

Scott Riedner won the second 20 lap feature for the Hobby Stocks.

Jamie Tate and Kolton Guralski brought the field to the green in the second feature.  Tate took the early lead, but Scott Riedner was on a mission and pulled to the inside of Tate on lap 4 to take the lead.

Riedner quickly built up a multi-car length lead over Tate with Guralski in third followed by Brandon Riedner and Dan Snyder.  With five laps to go Brandon Riedner worked his way to second while Jim Tate Jr. and Jamie Tate were side by side for third.

But nobody could catch Scott Riedner who took the checkered flag followed by his son, Brandon, who finished in second with the husband-wife team of Jim Tate Jr. and Jamie Tate finishing third and fourth with Dan Snyder in fifth.

“We won a lot races here in 2006.  I love this place,” said Riedner from victory lane.

Fast qualifier was Brandon Riedner with a lap of 14.216 (63.309 mph).

Next Friday is Whelen Engineering NASCAR Championship Night with the Late Models, Sportsman, Bandits, 6Shooters and the Upper Midwest Vintage Series all competing in double features.  That’s right…ten features in one night!  What could be better…fireworks!  See a spectacular show to close out the 2018 racing season.  Don’t miss it!