Madison Race Report

Jon Reynolds Jr. and Jeremy Miller Take Top Honors at Madison

Five Others Pick Up Feature Wins

It was another exciting night of racing at Madison with double features for four racing divisions. When it was all said and done it was Jon Reynolds Jr. and Jeremy Miller taking home wins in the Late Models while Robert Hansberry Jr. winning a pair in the Sportsman, Ronnie Osborne and Jeremy Bredeson each winning in the Bandits, and Woody Pool and Steve Rubeck getting wins in the Northern Outlaw Vintage Series.



Reynolds Jr. and Miller Top the Late Models

Jon Reynolds Jr. and Jeremy Miller each picked up a win tonight in the Whelen All American NASCAR Late Models.

Reynolds Jr. became the seventh different driver to win a NASCAR Late Model feature this season when he held off the field to win the first twenty-five lap feature.

Brent Edmunds and John Baumeister Jr. brought the twenty-one car field to the green flag.

Edmunds won the sprint to take the lead with Jon Reynolds Jr. up to second, Rusty Hansen in third and Jeremy Miller in fourth.  On lap 3 Zack Riddle joined the top five and passed Miller for fourth one lap later.

On lap 9 Riddle, Miller, and Bobby Wilberg moved past Hansen while Reynolds Jr. was applying heavy pressure to Edmunds.  As Edmunds and Reynolds Jr. were racing for the lead, it allowed Riddle to gain some ground.  On lap 15 Reynolds Jr. pulled to the inside of Edmunds and the two raced side by side with Riddle and Miller right behind.  On lap 16 Reynolds Jr. would take the lead with Riddle passing Edmunds for second one lap later with Miller taking the third position.

With five laps to go Riddle was on the rear bumper of Reynolds Jr. ready to challenge for the lead, but wasn’t able to find the room necessary which forced cars behind to check up allowing Will Rece and Baumeister Jr. to move up to second and third.

From there on out the race belonged to Reynolds Jr. who picked up his first win of the season. Rece., Riddle, Wilberg and Edumunds  completed the top five.

“It feels good in a lot of ways.  It feels good to get our first win at Madison under the McKarns family,” said Reynolds Jr.

Jeremy Miller picked up his second NASCAR Whelen All American Late Model feature of the season.

Shaun Scheel and Brian Beale led the field to the green flag.  Scheel quickly jumped out to the lead with Jeremy Miller moving up to second followed by Bobby Wilberg.  On lap 6 Miller got to the inside of Scheel and took the lead coming out of turn four. On lap 7 Wilberg found room inside of Scheel to take second.  On lap 10 Zack Riddle passed Brian Beale for fourth place.

Everyone was chasing Miller who had built up a ten car length lead out front.  On lap 16 Riddle passed Scheel for third shortly before the caution flag came out on lap 17 for a spin.  For Miller this was bad news…for the rest of the field it was what they were hoping.

The restart would fine Miller on the inside with Wilberg lining up behind him which allowed Riddle to move to the outside of row one.  It was a perfect restart for Miller who opened up a three car length lead over Wilberg and Riddle.  Making another late race charge was Will Rece who on lap 20 pulled to the outside of Scheel for fourth and was joined by Brian Beale when contact was made forcing cars to spin, the caution flag waving and ending the night for Beale.

It would be a single file restart since there were five laps to go.  And it was another perfect one for Miller who quickly led by three car lengths over Wilberg.  With two to go Riddle was up to challenge Wilberg for second just before the caution came out when Scheel made heavy contact with the front stretch wall after something broke in his car.

Miller was just too strong again on the restart as he was able to hold off Wilberg and Riddle to pick up the win.  Will Rece and Jon Reynolds Jr. rounded out the top five.

“We’ve got a ways to go to catch Zack,” said Miller.

Zack Riddle set fast time in qualifying with a lap of 18.632 (96.608 mph).  It was his second straight fast time and the second fastest qualifying time of the season.  He also picked up the win in the Dash.

Hansberry Jr. Sweeps the Sportsman 

Robert Hansberry Jr. picked up the victory in the first 15 lap feature for the Dave’s White Rock Sportsman.

Sam Messel and Trevor Robinson brought the field to the green flag.  Robinson took the lead from the outside after one lap, but Messel fought back on the inside to take the lead on lap 2.   Bryan Hellenbrand and Gary Hellenbrand moved up to second and third on lap 3.  On lap 4 Gary Hellenbrand pulled to the inside of Messel to take the lead. Robert Hansberry Jr. was able to do the same and pulled up behind the leader on lap 5 before the caution flag came out.

Gary Hellenbrand was able to maintain his lead over Hansberry Jr. when the race went green again, but on lap 8 Hansberry Jr. worked his way to the inside of him and took the lead coming out of turn four.  The caution flag came out on lap 11 when several cars got together back in the pack.

Hansberry Jr. would lead the field back to the green and never look back on his march to the checkered flag.  Mike Taylor finished second followed by Gary Hellenbrand, Trevor Robinson, and Bryan Hellenbrand.

“I’m thankful for everyone who makes this possible,” said Hansberry Jr.

Bryan Hellenbrand took the early lead in the second feature with Trevor Robinson second.  Robert Hansberry Jr. was up to second on lap 3 and then on lap 4 took the lead by passing Bryan Hellenbrand on the outside.

Hansberry Jr. quickly built up a big lead while Bryan Hellenbrand and Mike Taylor were in a good battle for second.  On lap 7 Taylor would win the race for second with Gary Hellenbrand passing Bryan Hellenbrand for third.

The multi-time track champion continued to cruise around the half-mile with a huge lead while Taylor and Gary Hellenbrand were still battling for second.  Only a caution would slow down Hansberry Jr. and it came on lap 12 for a spin thus negating his advantage.

Hansberry Jr. led the field back to green and picked up his second win of the night and third in a row at Madison.  Taylor fended off Gary Hellenbrand for second with Bryan Hellenbrand and Trevor Robinson rounding out the top five.

Fast qualifier was Robert Hansberry Jr. with a lap of 20.061 (89.726 mph).  He also won the Dash.

Osborne and Bredeson Best of the Bandits Tonight

Two first-time winners went to victory lane tonight in the Pellitteri Waste Systems Bandits when Ronnie Osborne and Jeremy Bredeson took home the checkered flags.

Rookie Ronnie Osborne won his first ever feature tonight by leading wire to wire in the 20 lap feature for the Pellitteri Waste Systems Bandits.

Ronnie Osborne took the early lead from the pole position. Bill Kohn was up to second with McKayla Adams and Nick Schmidt battling for third.  On lap 9 Schmidt pulled to the inside of Adams to take the third position.

Osborne continued his leading ways out front with Kohn  three car lengths back in second.  With seven laps to go Kohn cut the lead to a car length with Schmidt still running third. With four laps to go Schmidt pulled to the outside of Kohn for second and took the second position but still five lengths behind the leader.

But Osborne was not to be denied as he picked up the win.  Schmidt, Kohn, Adams, and Jeremy Bredeson rounded out the top five.

“It’s been a long year so far so it’s nice to pick up a win,” said Osborne.

Jeremy Bredeson won the second twenty lap feature for the Pellitteri Waste Systems.  It was his first feature win at Madison.

Lyle Phillips and Jeremy Bredeson brought the field of Bandits to the green flag in the second feature.  Phillips led the first two laps before Bredeson moved to the outside to take the point on lap 3.  Bredeson opened up a five car length lead while Nick Schmdit passed McKayla Adams for third.

On lap 15 Schmidt took over the second spot from Phillips, but was running out of time to catch the leader.  Bredeson continued his strong run and picked up the win with Schmidt, Adams, Phillips and Steve Dickson comprising the top five.

“I’ve got to thank my family, friends, and sponsors who make this happen,” said Bredeson.

Jeremy Bredeson turned the fastest lap in qualifying with a trip of 14.940 (60.241 mph).  It was his first fast time of the season.

Pool and Rubeck Rules the Vintage Cars

Woody Pool won the first fifteen lap feature for the Northern Outlaw Vintage Series while Steve Rubeck took the second feature.

Frank Beldowski and Tom Haffer paced the seven car field to the green flag.  Haffer took the lead on the second lap with Woody Pool and Steve Rubeck moving into second and third before a spin brought out the caution. Pool and Rubeck both jumped out front when the green flag waved again and quickly checked away from the field.

The second caution flag came out on lap 4 when the hood of Rubeck’s car went flying on the front stretch.

Pool jumped out to a sizeable lead over Beldowski after the restart, but Rubeck was back up to second on lap 6.  Lap by lap Rubeck was closing the gap between himself and Pool and on lap 10 the difference was six car lengths.  Pool’s lead was down to two car lengths with one lap to go, but that’s as close as it would get as Pool picked up the win.  Joe Darnell, Haffer, and Beldowski completed the top five.

“At seventy-five years old this is a lot of fun,” said Pool who raced forty years in the super late model ranks.

Steve Rubeck won the second feature for the Northern Outlaw Vintage Series.

Beldowski grabbed the early lead in the second feature with Rubeck and Pool quickly up to second and third. Following a caution for a spin, Beldowski was able to continue his lead but not for long as both Rubeck and Pool joined him for a three car break out.

On lap 8 Pool split both Beldowski and Rubeck coming out of turn four to take the lead.  But Rubeck was not going to let him get away as the two raced side by side.  With four laps to go Pool was able to gain the advantage over Rubeck and appeared to be headed for victory lane until a slowed vehicle brought out the caution flag.

Rubeck took the lead on the restart and led all the way to the checkered flag.  Pool, Beldowski, Tom Haffer, and Butch Mierendorf completed the top five.

“This car is so fun to drive,” said Rubeck.

Next Friday night is Round 3 of the Super Late Model Triple Crown Challenge and the Howie Lettow 50. Also in action will be the Midwest Truck Series, Central States Super Cups, and the Roto Rooter 6Shooters. Grandstands open at 6:00 with qualifying at 6:15 and racing at 7:30.