Luke Bland Captures Bloomington Speedway RaceSavers

Luke Bland Captures Bloomington Speedway RaceSavers; Josh Harris, Josh Divine and Jeremy Smith Also Enjoy Friday Laurels
By Kenny Clark

June 6, 2018, Bloomington, Indiana – Capitalizing on a mid-race restart, Bloomington’s Luke Bland scored his first Good Earth Recycling and Composting RaceSaver sprint car win of the season on Friday night. Starting sixth in the Flynn sprinter, Bland worked his way into the top three early, chasing front row starter Jackson Slone. On a restart shortly before the halfway point, Bland dug inside of Slone going into the first turn, seizing the lead. Slone proved difficult to pass once he got rolling and Bland opened a sizable lead. One by one, the faster cars worked past Slone and chased after Bland, and although Ethan Barrow was able to close the gap in traffic, Bland won handily.

Starting third, Josh Harris doubled up at Bloomington this season, having claimed the JB Robinson Memorial modified feature in May. On Friday, the Kentucky-based driver outran Jordan Wever in a closely fought AJ Bowlen Realtor ReMax Acclaimed Properties-sponsored modified A-main. Bradley Sterrett took third in the Harris 9h, with Cole Parker and Dave Baldwin in the top five.

Josh Divine also collected his second feature win, racing from the pole of the Brandeis Machinery Super Stock main event. Divine was chased to the finish by Steve Hollars, Steve Hawkins and Jason Hehman, who took over Sam Arthurs’s 2A for the feature race following early mechanical problems.

In the Bloomington Hornets, Jeremy Smith earned his first win of the season, with Chad Taylor taking second, ahead of AJ Hobbs, Leroy Sherfield, and Dale Hobbs.

The next event at Bloomington Speedway is Brandeis Machinery/Komatsu Night, headlining the Tom White & Company Sprint Cars, Green Earth RaceSaver Sprint Cars and Brandeis Machinery Super Stocks on Friday, June 15.

Bloomington Speedway
Results, June 8, 2018

Green Earth Recycling and Composting RaceSaver 305 Sprint Cars
1. Luke Bland, 2. Ethan Barrow, 3. Kerry Kinser, 4. Anton Hernandez, 5. Ryan Tusing, 6. Rod Henning, 7. Jeff Wimmenauer, 8. Colin Parker, 9. Jackson Slone, 10. Andy Bradley, 11. John Paynter Jr., 12. Patrick Kren, 13. AJ Carlson, 14. Eric Perrott, 15. Howard McCormick, 16. Coleman Chasteen, 17. Chris Babcock, 18. Terry Arthur, DNS: Alex Nalon, Nick Woodruff

Heat Races: AJ Carlson, Kerry Kinser, Anton Hernandez

A.J. Bowlen Realtor with Re/MAX Acclaimed UMP Modifieds
1. Josh Harris, 2. Jordan Wever, 3. Bradley Sterrett, 4. Cole Parker, 5. Dave Baldwin, 6. Kenny Carmichael, 7. Jay Humphrey Jr., 8. Michael Wesselman, 9. James Walters, 10. Jarod Fleetwood, 11. Will Bennett, 12. Sam Wray, 13. Jeff Deckard, 14. Andy Sherley, DNS: Mike Bowersox, Jason Clark, John Clippinger

Heat Races: James Walters, Jordan Wever

Brandeis Machinery Super Stocks
1. Josh Divine, 2. Steve Hollars, 3. Steve Hawkins, 4. Jason Hehman, 5. Chip Slagle, 6. Jack Freye, 7. Austin Long, DNS: Sam Arthur

Heat Race: Josh Divine

Bloomington Hornets
1. Jeremy Smith, 2. Chad Taylor, 3. AJ Hobbs, 4. Leroy Sherfield, 5. Dale Hobbs, 6. Daniel Hobbs, 7. JP Matthews, 8. Larry Babbs, 9. Andy Brown, 10. Derek Crowe, 11. Tom Houston, 12. Cody Chambers, 13. Robert Sexton, 14. Greg Garrison, DNS: Abby Stierwalt, Chris Wade

Heat Races: Chad Taylor, Greg Garrison