Lincoln Park Speedway recap Sept. 11th by Kenny Clark

Devin Gilpin, Shane Cockrum, Tucker Chastain and Megan Cavaness Take The Big Wins At Lincoln Park Speedway
109 Cars at LPS for the 9/11 Patriot 100 night
By Kenny Clark

38 strong Entries came to LPS Saturday in the sprint division.  This setup 5 groups with Dickie Gaines(13.552), Jadon Rogers(13.053), Shane Cockrum(13.093), Zack Pretorius(12.921) and AJ Hopkins(13.028)  setting the fast time in their groups. The 5 heat races were won by Lee Underwood, Jesse Vermillion, Shane Cockrum, Alec Sipes and AJ Hopkins.

The 2 B mains were won by Brandon Spencer and Zack Pretorius. This setup the A main with an invert of 4 put Alec Sipes and Shane Cockrum on the front row. Kind of in a good story the fire chief took an early lead and went on to win on 9-11 leading all the way and putting the 24P in victory lane.  Following Shane in victory lane in the top 5 was AJ Hopkins, Dickie Gaines, Lee Underwood and Travis Berryhill.  Awesome to see Berryhill is back after a broken collar bone during an accident earlier in the year at Paragon Speedway.

   There were 26 entries for the UMP Modifieds on Patriot 100 night going for the 3,000 to win.  The 3 groups were led in qualifying by Jimmy Hayden(14.175), John Demoss(14.339) and Rob Brickert(14.544)  This setup the 3 high intense heats taking the top 5 to the 100 lap Patriot. The 3 heats were won by Brian Hayden, Devin Gilpin and Jordan Wever.

The B main was won by Randy Shuman and this would set the field for the 100 lap event that is also special for the crews because they get 15 minutes at lap 50 to change what they want on the cars hoping to get the best setup for the final 50.  The invert for the main event was 2 which put Devin Gilpin and Brian Hayden on the front row. An intense battle started out early with Brian on the high side and Devin running the bottom.  By lap 10 the 29J of Jordan Wever was showing his speed and he started to battle the top 2 and took over the lead.  Unfortunately on a yellow at Lap 28 it appeared something broke on Jordan’s car and he headed to the work area but then had to exit to the pits ending a great run too early.

This would give the lead over to Hunt Gossum from Kentucky.  Hunt would build a lead by the halfway break as there were only 8 cars still on the lead lap at lap 50.  This is when the crews got to do their thing as it is definitely an awesome part of the event as they are lined up how they are running and get to make their adjustments in a 15 minute period.  On the restart Hunt looked strong as some cars dropped out and with just 30 to go we were down to 5 cars on the lead lap.  The #60 of Devin Gilpin looked to be gaining a little bit but not enough.

 Hunt would go on to take the checkers but when it came time to go to the tech area something was found that was not able to be passed so the Kentucky native had to take a DQ for a heartbreaking dominating performance.  This gave the win to Devin Gilpin in the #60 Pace entry and they would celebrate the big win definitely because the lap money was passed on to Devin also and the winnings were over 4600 for the Patriot 100 with all the extra lap money. Congrats to Michael Fish, Tyler Loughmiller, Dustin Bruce and Jeff Deckard taking the top 5 positions behind Devin Gilpin.  Thanks to all the teams and all of the sponsors who donated the money for the lap leaders.

  The Super Stocks brought 24 entries and the 3 groups were led by Austin Phelps(15.321), Wes McClara(15.180) and Larry Raines(14.930).  Heat races were won by Sam Arthur, Tucker Chastain and Kenny Carmichael Jr.  This setup the A main with an invert of 1 which put Sam Arthur and Tucker Chastain on the front row.  In the early going Tucker and Sam had a good battle. Tucker would take the lead and looked to build the lead until Jonny Newgent got the #21N going as he came from 8th to 2nd.  With the laps winding down Tucker held on for the win and in the interview he said it was his first win at LPS so that was great to see.  Jonny Newgent, Josh Litton, Doug McCullough and Austin Phelps rounded out the top 5.

   The bomber class had a strong 21 entries and were led by Jordan Almanza(16.022), Megan Cavaness(16.261) and Matt Raber(16.320) in qualifying.  The 3 heats were won by David Bumgardner, Joey Raber and Chucky Walden.  This setup the main event with an invert of 5 which put Jason Trader and Megan Cavaness on the front row.  This would be a wild one because Jason and Megan would be side by side for the lead the first 2 laps as the track had equal speeds low, middle or high.  Megan would take the lead and go on for her 2nd win of the year at LPS.  Chucky Walden, Jason Trader, Josh Foxworthy and Steve Hollars would round out the top 5.  A great show again and thanks to all the great fans that came out and the 109 entries that packed the pits.

Don’t forget there are only 2 Saturdays left at LPS to wrap up the 2021 season. The point battles are getting interesting as we get closer to the end.  See you next Saturday night at our favorite High Cushion LPS!!!