Lincoln Park SpeedwayPress Release

Jadon Rogers Wins At LPS One Week Before The MSCS Memorial Day Weekend

By Kenny Clark
The pits were overflowing at Lincoln Park Speedway Saturday as 49 sprints were in attendance.  The format was 6 heats taking the top 3 and 2 B mains taking the top 3.  The fast times in their groups were Trey Osborne 12.991, Sterling Cling 12.940, Robert Ballou 12.468, Brayden Fox 13.135, Jake Scott 13.030 and Seth Parker 13.088.  The invert spin for the heats was a 1 so fast times on the poles.  Heat 1 Brent Beauchamp looked strong from the front row outside and would take the first heat win over Jadon Rogers and Trey Osborne.  Heat race 2 had another front row outside winner with Aric Gentry taking the win over Charles Davis Jr. and Sterling Cling.  Heat race 3 had Robert Ballou take the win from the pole over Geoff Ensign and Cody Trammell.  Heat race 4 Brayden Fox would win it from the pole over Daylan Chambers and Kyle Johnson.  Heat race 5 had Jake Swanson looking strong in the 5T and taking the win over Harley Burns and Jake Scott.  The final heat was won by Seth Parker from the pole over Tye Mihocko and Kyle Shipley.  The 6th heat was also the lucky heat as the wheel was spun and hit the 6 so Seth Parker and Jake Swanson would be the front row for the A main.   The B mains were stacked with 15 cars each only taking the top 3 to the 24 car A main and the rest would go to the 2nd feature.  B main 1 had Donny Brackett winning it over Weston Gorham and Brandon Spencer taking the final spot. B main 2 had Alec Sipes winning it over Brian Hayden and Mitch Wissmiller taking the final spot.

The rest went to the 2nd feature and Ivan Glotzbach would get that feature win over Ryan Thomas, Collin Ambrose, Sam Scott and Austin Nigh.  The A main was loaded with talent. The first 5 laps were Seth taking the early lead on the bottom but the 5T of Jake Swanson was right there on the top.  This battle would go on for a lot of laps early.  By lap 10 there was a lot of passing in the back and it was getting really interesting at the front.  Jake jumped the cushion a couple times and this allowed Robert Ballow to move to 2nd on the bottom.  Both Seth and Jake had very fast cars early but some of the people from the middle of the pack were headed to the front.  Jadon had came from 7th and was up to 2nd challenging for the lead.  Jadon would grab the top spot in his #14 machine and looked to win 2 in a row at LPS.  The final few laps he hit his marks and held on for the big win 1 week before the huge MSCS weekend coming up at Bloomington and LPS.  Following him at the finish it was Tye Mihocko from 12th, Robert Ballou, Brayden Fox and Jake Swanson rounding out the top 5.  Jake Scott also came from 17th to 7th passing a lot of cars like Tye.  Thanks goes out to all the 49 teams that put on an outstanding show for the LPS faithful awesome fans.

  The Bombers had 11 entries and the fast times were Ethan Litton 16.346 and Megan Cavaness 16.103.  The wheel spin for the heats was a 1.  Heat race 1 was won by Scott Tidwell over Corey Anstead and Ethan Litton.  Heat race 2 was won by Josh Foxworthy over Megan Cavaness and Joey Raber. This setup the feature with an invert of 3 which put Corey Anstead and Josh Foxworthy on the front row.  Josh was going for his 3rd win and he was strong early in the #38.  He led while the others battled for 2nd thru 5th. This let Josh build a lead of at least 10 car lengths and go on for another strong win.  Josh was followed at the finish by Joey Raber from 6th, Corey Anstead, Megan Cavaness and David Bumgardner.

  The UMP Super Stocks had 23 to start the night.  The fast 3 groups were led by Larry Raines 15.185, Jeff Allen 15.207 and Justin Litton 15.274.  The heat spin was a 3.  Heat 1 was won by Josh Litton over Larry Raines and Matt Raber.  Heat race 2 was won by Wade Goodale over Devin Wallen and Jeff Allen. The final heat was won by Jordan Almanza over Justin Litton and Kenny Carmichael Sr. This setup the B main but since only 6 cars showed up the track transferred all 6 to make up a 21 car field for the A.  The invert spun put Wade Goodale and Josh Litton on the front row.  This would be a great battle early with Wade taking the early lead. The track had slicked off with the 111 entries we had and about lap 5 Wade started to slow down and Josh Litton was starting to really hit the bottom with great moves and he took the lead from Wade. Larry Raines was also looking fast as this was a battle amongst some of the best at LPS versus some of the best from Paragon.  Josh was able to take control in the later stages of the 20 lap A main and took the big win to increase his UMP points lead in the nation.  Following him at the finish it was Larry Raines, Devin Wallen, Jordan Almanza and Kenny Carmichael Sr. rounding out the top 5.

  The UMP Modified field was also loaded with 30 entries and this would give us those precious 5 bonus points for the 30 count.  The 4 fast times in their groups were Jerry Bland 14.747, Bryce Shidler 14.729, Derek Losh 14.286 and Jeff Deckard 14.455.  This setup 4 heats taking the top 4 and 1 B main taking the top 4 with a heat invert of 1.  Heat race winners were Jerry Bland Jr., Tim Prince, Derek Losh and Jeff Deckard.  The B main was won by Bryce Shidler over Dustin Bruce, Nic Leitzman and Chris Morefield making the show. The invert for the feature was a 1 which put Jerry and Tim on the front row.  Derek Losh was starting from 3rd and by the end of lap 1 he was already making the move to the front.  The 21 from Renselaer is very storng and he finished 3rd in the nation last year and he sure looks like he has the car to make a strong move toward that goal again.  He built a big lead while the others were battling from 2nd thru 5 changing positions.  It was another Renselaer pilot that was making a move from 8th and that was Matt Mitchell.  He went 3 wide running 4th and was able to pick off 2 cars in the middle to get that 2nd place spot.  After Matt got to 2nd the Northern Indiana duo would be hard to catch. Derek Losh would hold on for another big win over Matt Mitchell, Jeff Deckard, Jimmy Hayden and Matt Cooley rounding out the top 5.  Thanks to all the UMP Mod teams that put on a dandy for the huge crowd also.

Don't forget Memorial Day Weekend is full of huge races before the 500 on Sunday. Friday night is the huge 10 grand to win Josh Burton Memorial where we honor Josh and Darlene for the awesome racing family that they are. 1 grand to win Mod and Super Stock also Friday and a 2nd feature paying 500 to win and 404 to start.  Then back here at LPS the MSCS will be going for a 3 grand to win.  We will see you next weekend for the huge holiday weekend.