Bloomington SpeedwayPress Release

Gavin Miller And Jordan Kinser Win On USAC Midget Week Night At Bloomington Speedway

By Kenny Clark
Usac Midget Week continued Friday night at Bloomington Speedway with 28 midgets signed in.  The fast time went to Justin Grant with a 11.945 fast time.  This year Usac Midget Week was fully stacked with talent as back in 20th in qualifying the time was 12.400 seconds which shows how tight this field is.  Heat race 1 was won by Justin Grant who came from 6th to win it over Steve Buckwalter, Cannon McIntosh and Ryan Timms. Heat race 2 was won by Chase Johnson over Daison Pursley, Bryant Wiedeman and Kevin Thomas Jr.  The final heat 3 was won by Emerson Axsom over Daniel Whitley, Jade Avedisian and Taylor Reimer.  The final chance to get in the show was the B main and it was won by Logan Seavey over Jesse Love, Jacob Denney and Tmez.  This setup the A main and with an invert of 6 the front row for the A was Jade Avedisian and Gavin Miller.  The track got some moisture up on the top and a tilling of the top groove and the red clay was ready for 30 laps of intensity.  Jade took the early lead and the top groove was very fast and they were turning 12 second laps like in qualifying.  Jade took the early lead and looked very fast on the top groove.  There was a lot of drivers on the fresh top groove for the first 10 laps. Gavin Miller running 2nd looking for his first Usac Midget Week had gained on Jade's lead and looked as if he might throw a slider.  Sure enough at the halfway point Gavin made his move going into turn 1 and threw a slider on Jade and she tried to avoid it but went over the cushion and dropped back to 7th by the time she got back on the track on the high side.  This would be a big move for Gavin and the remaining half of the race he really hit his marks on the high side and went on for a really awesome first Usac win at the red clay of Bloomington Speedway.  Following Gavin at the checkers it was Justin Grant, Logan Seavey, Kevin Thomas Jr. and the hard charger Cannon McIntosh who came from 12th to 5th.  Another great Usac Midget week show in front of a great crowd at Bloomington Speedway.

   The sprints had 21 cars in attendance and the 3 groups of fast times were led by Braxton Cummings 12.216, Tye Mihocko 12.194 and Jake Scott 12.302.  The wheel spin for the heat invert was a 4.  Heat race 1 was won by Jack Hoyer over Brayden Fox, Brandon Spencer and Braxton Cummings.  The 2nd heat was won by Jordan Kinser over Tye Mihocko, Saban Bibent and Brandon Mattox.  The final heat 3 was won by Zack Pretorius over Geoff Ensign, Brady Short and Hunter Maddox.  This setup the A main and the wheel spin for the A main was a 1 so Jack Hoyer and Jordan Kinser would make up the front row.  At the start of the feature was a good battle amongst the front row but Jordan Kinser was very fast on the bottom once he took the lead.  The other driver that was on the move the first part of the race was Geoff Ensign as he started 6th and was up to 2nd for the final 10 laps.  Geoff did close the lead up that Jordan had but the final 5 laps Jordan hit his marks really close to the inside tires and didn't open any doors for people to take over the top spot.  The 04 of Jordan Kinser would hold on for the 25 lap win at the red clay in front of a big crowd and also I am sure a large crowd watching on Flo since it was Usac Midget Week night.  Following Jordan Kinser at the finish it was Geoff Ensign, Tye Mihocko, Brayden Fox and Brandon Mattox.

Thanks goes out to all the teams who put on an outstanding show along with the great fans that filled the hill at Bloomington Speedway.  Don't forget we will be back next Friday night for the Kevin Huntley big show with fireworks where we honor him.  See you next Friday at the red clay.