Lincoln Park SpeedwayPress Release

Brent Beauchamp Takes The Final Checkers At Lincoln Park Speedway For 2022

By Kenny Clark


A beautiful weather Saturday to end the season at LPS brought 24 entries in the Sprints.  The fast times in their groups were Jesse Vermillion (13.857), Kyle Shipley (13.421) and Brayden Fox (13.174).  This setup the 3 heats and with Geoff Ensign racing at Eldora for the 4 crown the points chase would be between Brayden Fox and Tye Mihocko if each of them could get above 9th place to both pass Ensign.

The heat races were won by Zack Pretorius, Brent Beauchamp and Brayden Fox.  The B main to get in the A was won by Blake Vermillion.  The invert on the wheel that was spun was a 2 so Zack and Brent were your front row.   Brayden would start 3rd and Tye Mihocko would start 9th.  Early in the race Zack and Brent had a fierce battle with both the bottom and top still really juiced up making it a hammer down kind of track the first 10 laps.  After the 10 laps Tye had made it from 9th to 5th and he was coming. Brayden was able to get to 2nd but Brent Beauchamp had built a lead that was at least 4 to 5 car lengths ahead of the 2nd place.  Tye really had the curb rolling and was in a battle with Brayden for 2nd with 10 to go.  Tye would take 2nd but could not get closer to the 34 and Brent Beauchamp took the win while Tye Mihocko won the championship by just 2 points over Brayden Fox who finished 3rd in the A ahead of Zack Pretorius and Frank Guerrini rounding out the top 5.  Congrats to the JP Motorsports team with another title in always fast 24P that has had many great drivers.  Congrats to our entire top 10 at LPS because it is a very stout field every night.  Congrats to Brayden Fox for coming so close and a title is not far off in your early career.

  17 Ump Mods were in the house and Congrats goes to the 99T team Tyler Loughmiller who wrapped up the 2022 LPS title.  The fast times in their groups went to Jamie Lomax(14.726) and Wes McClara(14.741)  The 2 heat races were won by Jamie Lomax and Tyler Loughmiller.  The invert for the feature was a 4 which put Matt Mitchell and Rob Brickert on the front row.  Matt Mitchell would take the lead and go on for a big win to close out the 2022 season over Jamie Lomax, Tyler Loughmiller, Will Bennett and Wes McClara from 14th to 5th.  Thanks to all of our UMP Mod teams who put on some awesome shows this year at LPS.

   19 Ump Super Stocks were in the house and Larry Raines is the 2022 champ at LPS.  The fast times in their groups were Paul Wright (16.564), Larry Raines( 15.733) and Travis Heramb (15.730).  The 3 heat races were won by all 3 of the fast qualifiers also.  The feature invert was a 6.  Justin Massie would take the lead and it was another classic battle between him and Larry for the win to finish out the season.  Larry would pass Justin for the lead and take the final win over Justin, Travis Heramb, Wade Goodale and Paul Wright.  Congrats to the R4 team for the championship and all the UMP Super Stock teams for putting on a fantastic 20 laps every Saturday night.

   The Bombers had 20 cars with Andrew Pollock (16.082), Jason Carson(16.154) and Megan Cavaness (16.005) getting the fast times for their groups. Heat races were won by Jordan Almanza, Josh Foxworthy and Megan Cavaness.  This setup the main event where Jordan was leading the points going into the final A over Megan and Joey.  Sure enough it was a classic battle with all 3 of the top points in the top 5.  Megan would take the lead and be able to hold off Jordan for the feature win but since Jordan finished 2nd she was just short by 4 points.  Congrats to the 14J team for the championship in 2022.   Thanks to all our Bomber teams for putting always the best show of the night on in 15 laps.  Following Megan and Jordan at the finish it was Andrew Pollock, Joey Raber and Josh Foxworthy rounding out the top 5 for the evening.

  The mod lites brought 7 cars and the heat and feature were both won by Andy Tragesser.

Thanks to our awesome teams and fans for always making LPS the place to be on a Saturday night.  We have a fun day Oct. 2nd which is like a day to have fun with Mechanics and Powder Puffs and any class of cars are invited.  Thanks again for everyone that came out to LPS during the 2022 season.  April 2023 will come quickly we hope so we can start again at our favorite Capitol Of The Cushion.