Bloomington Speedway Recap/Results by Kenny Clark

August 3, 2018, Bloomington, Indiana – Bloomington’s Kent Robinson set the bar high when he outran Tanner English to capture the MARS Super Late Model 40 lap main event. That was followed by the MMSA MiniSprints feature, with Ryan Barr taking the win over Austin Powell and Scott Bradley.

Next up were the final races of the season for both the AJ Bowlen Realtor ReMax Acclaimed Properties Modifieds and the Brandeis Machinery Super Stocks. Josh Harris and Devin Gilpin put on a spectacular show in the modifieds, with Harris edging Gilpin for the win, as Jordan Wever was just behind in third. Josh Divine captured his third super stock victory, ahead of Matt Bex and Steve Hollars. At the end of the night, in spite a torn up car that limped through the feature, Jeff Deckard had earned the AJ Bowlen Realtor ReMax Acclaimed Properties Modified championship by just 15 points over Jay Humphrey Jr. With six season victories, Jason Hehman nailed down the Brandeis Machinery Super Stock crown by 47 points over Steve Hollars.

To close the busy night of racing, Jordan Almanza took the bomber win, over Tyler Neal and A.J. Smith.

There is no racing at the track next Friday, as the season’s final event will be the Bob Kinser Memorial on Friday, August 17. The schedule includes the Tom White and Company Real Estate Non-Wing Sprint Cars, Green Earth Recycling and Composting RaceSaver Sprint Cars, and the American Vintage Sprint Car Series historic machines. Please plan to enjoy an evening that will also feature many honors for Bob and the entire Kinser family.

Bloomington Speedway
Results, August 3, 2018

MARS Late Model Racing Series results provided separately.

AJ Bowlen Realtor ReMax Acclaimed Properties Modifieds
1. Josh Harris, 2. Devin Gilpin, 3. Jordan Wever, 4. James Walters, 5. Josh Boller, 6. Jake Leitzman, 7. Sam Wray, 8. Kenny Carmichael, 9. Jay Humphrey Jr., 10. Caleb DeMoss, 11. Jeff Deckard, 12. Michael Wesselman, 13. Casey Davis, 14. Rob Burdette, 15. John Trowbridge, 16. Dustin Golden, 17. Ryan Thomas, 18. Tim Prince, 19. Brent Hudson, 20. Chad Combs, 21. Cory Skipton, 22. Blake Davis

Heat Races: Gilpin, Wever, Thomas

Brandeis Machinery Super Stocks
1. Josh Divine, 2. Matt Bex, 3. Steve Hollars, 4. Trey Chastain, 5. Steve Hawkins, 6. Quintin Strope, 7. Matt Jordan, 8. Wes McClara, 9. Chip Slagle, 10. Scotty Massie, 11. Jeff Hehman, 12. Sam Arthur, 13. Justin Jeffries, 14. Zach Sasser, 15. JT Huffman, 16. Jason Hehman, 17. Jack Frye, 18. Tony Arthur, 19. Jim Turner, DNS – Chris Hanners

Heat Races: Chastain, Divine, Jason Hehman

MMSA MiniSprints
1. Ryan Barr, 2. Austin Powell, 3. Scott Bradley, 4. Brandon Coffey, 5. Cody Trammell, 6. Cindy Chambers, 7. Colin Miller, 8. Keith Langley, 9. Jaylon Mills, 10. Blake Vermillion, 11. Jason Mills, 12. Rob Lankford, 13. Ron Coleman, 14. Josh Hixson, 15. Travis Stickels, 16. Tim Light, 17. Jesse Vermillion, 18. Brandon Smith, 19. Kinser Medler

Heat Races: Smith, Powell, Bradley

1. Jordan Almanza, 2. Tyler, Neal, 3. A.J. Smith, 4. Josh Litton, 5. Jeff Beggs, 6. Dalton Fleener, 7. Zachery Stalker, 8. Kyle Prince, 9. David Shepherd, 10. Mickey Hines, 11. Kevin Kemp, 12. Jeff Allen, 13. Jeremy Huebner, 14. Dustin Pruitt, 15. Scott Young, 16. Austin England, 17. Jim Stuckey, 18. Tim Wright, 19. Ethan Litton, 20. Mike Moody, 21. Justin Litton, DNS – Roger Absher, Anthony Dayhuff, Brad Leitzman, Jason Trader

Heat Races: Huebner, Moody, Almanza