102 Cars Pack The Pits At LPS!

102 Cars Pack The Pits At LPS For the Season Finale And King Of The Non Wing Night 
By Kenny Clark

  The Sprints had 39 entries for the big show where every sprint runs a feature.  The fast times from 5 groups were AJ Hopkins(13.083), Braydon Cromwell(12.984), Mario Clouser(13.094), Brayden Fox(13.064) and Kyle Shipley(13.399).  The 5 heats were won by Harley Burns, Zack Pretorious, Mario Clouser, Jesse Vermillion and Kyle Shipley.  The 2 b mains were won by Brandon Spencer and Mitchell Davis. This setup the 30 lap King of the Non Wing show with an invert of 1 being pulled so Harley Burns and Zack Pretorious would lead the field to the green.   Harley looked strong for the first 9 laps of the race leading the way.  On Lap 10 Mario Clouser who moved from 3rd to the lead started to get into lapped traffic and started to build a nice lead by Lap 20.  With 10 to go though AJ Hopkins had made it from 6th to 2nd and looked to be gaining a little but Mario was just very strong through the lapped traffic and took a nice win to end the season at LPS.  Following Mario at the checkers was AJ Hopkins, Ben Knight(who came from 12th), Harley Burns and Mitchell Davis(who came from 17th).  Shey Owens would win the 2nd feature over Ted Kirkpatrick and Steve Hair.  Congrats to AJ Hopkins who won the championship over Brayden Fox.  Also thanks to all the sprint car teams who brought some awesome car counts to the big curb every Saturday night in 2021.  We are looking forward to seeing all of you again in April of 2022.

 The UMP Modified Division brought 16 entries on the final night.  Cody Wright(14.626) and Jimmy Hayden(14.715) would lead the way in the qualifying groups.  Heat races were won by Jake Leitzman and Jimmy Hayden.  This would be important for Jake as he would lead the points going into the feature and each heat race win gives an extra point.  This would setup the main event with an invert of 2 which put Jimmy Hayden and Jake Leitzman on the front row.  The 15J of Jimmy Hayden would lead every lap on the final UMP Mod A of the year and Jake Leitzman would hold onto 2nd to clinch the championship at LPS.  Behind those 2 at the checkers were Brian Hayden, Will Bennett  and Cody Wright.  Congrats to the 2nd team for the championship and Thanks to all the Modified teams for always putting on a great show every night.

  The UMP Super Stocks had 22 entries for the final night.  Andrew Pollock(14.954), Kenny Carmichael Jr.(14.856) and Larry Raines(14.767) led the way in qualifying.  Austin Phelps, Kenny Carmichael Jr. and Scotty Massie won the heat races.  This setup an invert of 2 for the feature which put Phelps and Carmichael on the front row.  Austin Phelps would lead early in the race but at the halfway point they started to get into lapped traffic.  Wes McClara had came from 6th to 2nd by then and looked to take the top spot from Austin while they were battling in lapped traffic.  The 45M would take the lead dicing through the lappers and go on for a big victory over Austin Phelps, Josh Litton, Justin Massie and Wade Goodale. Congrats to Wes McClara for winning the championship at LPS and The UMP Championship.  Thanks to all of our UMP Super Stock teams for putting on a great show every Saturday night with some big car counts throughout the summer months.

  The Bombers brought 25 entries for the final night with Megan Cavaness(16.259), Tyler Rodgers(16.284) and Jordan Almanza(16.103) leading the way in qualifying.  Heat Races were won by Joey Raber, Chucky Walden and David Bumgardner.  This setup the A main with an invert of 3 which put David and Chucky on the front row.  David would lead early with a fierce battle between Josh Foxworthy and Chucky Walden battling it out for 2nd.  Sadly Chucky Walden’s 73W went up in smoke ending his good 2 straight weeks of good runs.  On the restart David Bumgardner would not miss his marks and took the win over Josh Foxworthy and Jordan Almanza.  Congrats to Jordan Almanza and his whole 14J team as he was the repeat champ at LPS again.

In closing I would like to thank Joe and Jill Spiker for another great season at LPS.  Thanks to all our great teams, crews and families who put a lot of hours in to put on a great entertainment for us every Saturday night.  Definitely a big thanks so much to our great fan base that packs the front stretch and makes for an awesome atmosphere every weekend.  We will see everyone April 2nd 2022 for another great season at LPS in 2022!