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"Autograph Night"
August 13, 2016
Gary Gasper Photos

UMP Modified feature winner Joey Iliff

IMOD feature winner Jon Robbins

Pure Street feature winner TJ Larson (left) and his "brudder" Travis!

Waving at the RaceStar photographer is strictly forbidden...unless you win the feature.
Then, it's ok....I guess...

Sport Compact feature winner Jake Straka

Teen-4 feature winner Hannah Jones

"Autograph Night"  has become "Trick or Treat Night" at tracks all over the USA!
I even stole some candy...

The guy in the middle is Elijah Anderson and he turned 11 on this raceday!
No better way to celebrate your birthday than with dad Dylan, and gramps Dan (big guy on left).
This makes Elijah RaceStar's "Little RaceFan of the Night"!