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South Bend, IN
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August 6, 2016
Gary Gasper Photos

Street Stock feature winner Rich Hensley

Outlaw Late Model feature winner Kevin Sauer

Sportsman feature winner Matt Sullivan

FWD feature winner Eryn Hartz

Hornet feature winner Rick Wolkens

Traffic cones take a beating on a regular basis...but they keep coming back!

Whoa!  For a second I thought I was at a dirt track!

Track photographer Jay Freet on top of the action!

Sparky the Clown still entertaining the racefans!

It was great going back to South Bend Speedway to see all of the improvements made there!
Check them out some Saturday night for fast racing action.


RaceStar's "RaceFans of the Night" are Dave and Linda from Tinley Park, Illinois.
They had a loooooooooong drive to South Bend but glad they made it!  Was nice to see them again.
They wouldn't tell me their ages...but I'm guessing about 39...