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"Ignite 40"
Sept 24, 2016
Gary Gasper Photos

A very happy crew gives feature winner Chad Bauer a $3,000 lift after his victory!

After they simmered down a bit!

Bauer battled early race leader David Mielke (87) for several laps before taking over.

Four wide salute with the missing driving formation.

Dylan Woodling won the 20 lap $1,000 modified feature.

One of the best races of the long night was between Dillon Nusbaum (17) and Jim Mallery.
They raced like this cleanly for several laps before Jim edged Dillon at the line!

Remember that song- "Lean on me"....

So, from the infield, I spot Dylan Woodling and Bobby Stremme
 deep in philosophical discussion on top of a trailer...

Nope, they're race drivers telling mistake.

And finally, during a red flag for a grandstand emergency, I ran to the pits for a "pit stop".
Upon returning, they had started racing again and I had to stand at the track entrance.
 I thought I'd get a different view of the cars riding the top of the cushion.
  After a couple of laps, Ryan Ramseyer was nice enough
to drive over the berm to give me the best shot ever....and a near heart attack!
He did continue on to win this race!


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