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"Bryan Clauson Tribute"
August 24, 2016
Gary Gasper Photos

The Kokomo campground was packed and had been for several days before Wednesday.

As more and more fans arrived at the track, the line at the Bryan Clauson souvenir trailer got longer!

This banner was mounted on the front stretch fencing...

and everyone left special messages to Bryan.

A long line of racefans patiently waited for the gates to open at 11am.

Not only humans were wearing green to honor BC!

Some of the people honoring Bryan with a story or memory included Bryan's dad Tim....

fiance Lauren and mom Diana...

longtime racing writer and television reporter Robin Miller...

former competitor and present USAC official Levi Jones and a few more.

A full grandstand hoped the rain would only sprinkle on them, but it wasn't to be.

The rains came, and came steady and hard for quite a while.  A beautiful flower arrangement
 set up on the starter's stand probably didn't make it through the storm.

Most everyone took shelter under the grandstands.
 But the fast flooding and constant lightning cleared out the area!
Including me!

Kokomo needs another sign - "NO OUTSIDE RAIN ALLOWED"

Tornadoes were in the area but didn't hit near the racetrack.

The aftermath in turns one and two.

Infield fishing or boat skiing...take your pick!

Victory Lane....water won this time!

This is how you went back into the track after the rain stopped.

One smart girl keeping her shoes dry!

The blankets didn't stay dry but I bet they cleaned up real nice!

Some of the visitors that came to honor Bryan Clauson at Kokomo Speedway traveled a long way.
I toured the campground and found a few "out of towners"!



The make up date for the "Bryan Clauson Tribute" is September 2nd.
Mark your calendars!