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Gary's Favorite Pix from 2012

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Don O'Neal qualifying at Brownstown Speedway in March for the "Icebreaker".   He won the feature.

Nick Allen winning the UMP Modified feature at the Icebreaker at Brownstown Speedway.

A flipping midget at Montpelier Speedway in Indiana

The guy on the outside was so glad to miss this skirmish that he "pulled a wheelie" for the camera....!  At Plymouth Speedway

Bill Serviss sat and thought "It's only April, I hope this is the worst that can happen to me!"

This looked like the worse that could happen to Bill Serviss in 2012. But the best was that he won the Turbo Stox Championship at Illiana Speedway in 2012!

After this contact early in the season, Rita Fields (5) put targets on her car as a sarcastic statement.....


......statement received Rita!

I knew at this point that he was coming my way!

He slid by me and I "jumped the barrel" during the JEGS/CRA 100 at Plymouth Speedway in April.

At Plymouth Speedway during the JEGS/CRA 100, Daniel Hemric, Erik Jones and Boris Jurkovic (outside) tried some 3 wide racing coming off of turn 2.

And Boris found out that the 3 wide thing doesn't work at Plymouth!

Daniel Hemric caught everyone by surprise by doing a backflip off of his winning car after the JEGS/CRA 100 at Plymouth Speedway.

Frank Marshall on his way to winning his second Modified Championship in a row at Hartford Speedway in Michigan.

Love him or hate him, Scott Bloomquist puts on a good show wherever he races. He's on the frontstretch at Hartford in Michigan for the "Lane 48" in May.

First time racing on the new tight little dirt Bullring at Plymouth saw Modifieds going 3 wide!

Shane Cottle, driving Dave Darland's sprintcar (11), races Florida's Joe Liguori during the sprintcar feature at Plymouth's Bullring. Cottle won the feature.

There is actually room to go 5 wide at Shadyhill Speedway.....if you wanted to!

Ready to go at Illiana Speedway for the "Lisa Thomas 100" in May.

Our fine men and women of the Indiana National Guard on hand at Plymouth Speedway!

21 gun salute by the American Legion at Plymouth Speedway over the Memorial Day Weekend

"Teen-4" driver with an editorial at Shadyhill Speedway!

I don't think he avoided that striped tire at Shadyhill!

Donny Schatz in front of a packed grandstand for the World of Outlaws Sprintcar show at Kokomo Speedway in June.  Donny won the Outlaws championship in 2012.

A tired smile, but a smile nonetheless from veteran Sammy Swindell at Kokomo Speedway.

Shane Cottle getting a little too sideways at Gas City, Indiana during USAC's Indiana Midget Week in June.

Brian Shirley (3s) racing Bobby Pierce at Fairbury Speedway in Illinois during the UMP Summernational "Hell Tour". He won the feature that night.  Shirley won the "Hell Tour" series championship as well as the UMP Dirtcar National Championship in 2012.

One of the most unique stock cars I saw all year at Plymouth Speedway. D.J. Frost in his Studebaker.

Young Tyler Roarhig won the Plymouth Mid-Season Outlaw Late Model feature in June.

Kinda knew at this point that something spectacular was going to happen....

Yep, he's going over!

Everybody was ok at Shadyhill Speedway after this rollover.

UMP Modified National Champ Devin Gilpin visited Shadyhill a couple of times in 2012. He won the Firecracker 50 in July.

USAC National Midgets at Plymouth Speedway ready for their heat race.

Dave Darland smiling just for me after his feature win at Kokomo Speedway in July!

Autograph Night at Shadyhill Speedway with all the cars and drivers waiting for the fans to spill onto the track!

Lucas Oil Late Model driver Jimmy Owens at Hartford Speedway during qualifying. Jimmy won the Lucas Oil championship in 2012.

You can see Cheryl Hryn's eyes looking to see who's gonna clobber her! She was ok.

Former NASCAR star Ernie Irvan's son Jared (28) racing Chris Lamb during the USAC Ignite midget feature on the asphalt at Plymouth Speedway in August.

Wes Mac winning the Sprintcar feature at Plymouth on the dirt Bullring in August.

Courtney Erfurth gave the guys a lesson as she won the 600 Wingless Mini feature on the Bullring at Plymouth.

Tony Stewart visited Plymouth Speedway in August to race with the SOD Sprintcars.  He won the feature.

Smilin' Smoke after his sprintcar win at Plymouth with the SOD Sprints.

Bryan Clauson (7) gets past Tracy Hines (inside) to win the Smackdown at Kokomo Speedway.

Logan Hupp (air) tangled with Brady Short and went for a wild ride at Kokomo.

Mike Kingma (77) just kept winning races and championships in 2012!

In this case, I was glad Hartford had that inner guardrail there!


"Seventy something" Hurryn' Hank Lower still on the gas with the HOSS Sprints at Illiana Speedway.

This "Close Encounter" cloud came over Kokomo Speedway in September and didn't drop a bit of rain!

Dave Darland and Levi Jones (r) doing the sprintcar thing at Kokomo!

Stock cars gettin' on it at Kokomo!

The pace truck during our National Anthem prior to the Bettenhausen Classic at Illiana

Former winners of the Bettenhausen Memorial pose for a group photo. How many do you know?

At roughly 12:15am, Boris Jurkovic won his second Bettenhausen Memorial 100 at Illiana!

The ground really does shake when these guys go by at Shadyhill.

Nitro-Crash at Plymouth found the Scarecrow wiping out these vehicles that just happened to be standing there!

Nice clean dirt track motorcycle racing.....

Who said dirt track racing was clean?

I could do this if I really wanted to!

Just showin' off at the Nitro-Cross at Plymouth Speedway in September.

Travis Pastrana, (gray coat) and his band of daredevils at the Nitro-Cross at Plymouth.

Brian Ruhlman (49) races Frank Marshall at the Kokomo Klash in October. Brian went on to win the modified feature.

Jack Kalwasinski (99) races Eddie Hoffman at Illiana Speedway.  Veteran Hoffman won his first ever Late Model Championship at Illiana in 2012.

Veteran open wheel driver Russ Gamester (black cap in middle) looks over his Winged Outlaw Midget and regular midget prior to the racing in the Rumble Series in Ft. Wayne in December.

Tony Stewart waits to get pushed started after driver introductions before the midget feature at Ft. Wayne.

With the house lights off, each driver is introduced by spotlight before the 50 lap midget feature indoors.

14 year old Cooper Clouse in the spotlight being introduced before the midget feature.

The Ft. Wayne Coliseum in December is the best place to finish the racing season in Indiana!


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