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Daugherty Speedway
With the USAC Indiana Midgets!

Sept. 10th, 2016
Gary Gasper Photos

USAC Indiana Midget feature winner Davey Ray

Pro Late Model feature winner Brian Rickey...(his car was camera shy!)

Here's Brian (27) racing A.J. May in their feature

Pure Street feature winner Jordan Schriner

Street Stock feature winner Jim Ransom

Sport Compact feature winner Jacob Wilkinson

Carson Macedo (71) and Justin Peck (5x)

Anton Juliam (44) Holly Shelton (67K) and Ryan Robinson (71)

Tanner Thorson (67) getting the jump on Davey Ray at the start of the midget feature

Spencer Bayston (97) Carson Macedo (71) and Mark Chisholm (56x)

Ken Drangmeister and...

his son Rich Drangmeister

The racing family lost another driver at Eldora Speedway on Saturday.
 Rest in peace Shane Unger.


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