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Chase, Indiana

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Old Timers Get Together at Daugherty Speedway
Story & Photos by Stan Kalwasinski
Daughterly Speedway, in Chase, Ind., was the site of an old timers get together last Saturday.  Organized by former speedway owners, Bob and Gayle Kamp, the event saw a small, but enthusiastic crowd gather to reminisce, look at old photos and newspaper clippings and tell stories of the old tracks and drivers that raced on them.  They were there to talk about Henry's Speedway (now known as Daugherty), Rensselaer Raceway, Broadway Speedway, Monticello Speedway, Lafayette Speedway and many more.  Some vintage race cars were on the display to give the day even a little more nostalgic feel.

Former Rensselaer Raceway promoter, Ted Knorr had several display boards showing photos, old newspaper clippings
 and other memorabilia from some of the old tracks.

An old Lafayette Speedway jacket was on display.

Larry Day's old car was a real ''hot rod'' in the late 1960s and early 70s.

Larry Day's daughter, Lara shows off her dad's old helmet, racing jacket and some of his trophies.
Day passed away in November of 2009, but his family keeps his memory alive.

One of several old race cars on display.

A number of model cars, representing the race cars of the late Oscar Anderson, were being shown by Anderson's son, Bill.

In the late 1950s, Stoker Emond drove the No. 107, which has been totally restored.

Vicki Flynn and Ted Knorr, who won the late model championship at Henry's Speedway in 1970, pose for a photo.
Sadly, Flynn's father, Dick, who was a starter and flagged at a number of the old raceways, died from injuries
when he was struck by a car at Henry's in 1968.