Chuck Alm's Patch Collection
(photos updated December, 2013)
Photos by Gary Gasper/ Chuck Alm

As of December, 2013 Chuck has collected 4944 patches.

 Up from 900 in Nov 2009.

View some photos of Chuck's patches at the Knoxville Sprint Car Hall of Fame Museum HERE

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This was the start of what we know as open wheel racing. It's the mighty midgets! Notice in the top right corner the midget with the X on it.
This belonged to Ken Kimble, who was one of the founders of the U.A.R.A. midget association. That midget patch came off his jacket.
 Also the midget on the bottom left with the name Josephine is something the oldtimers did using their wife or girlfriend's name on their race cars.

Many old midget patches, note no roll back in the day. Also, you can see a 1950 Triple A arm band.

Different associations and race teams. Kurtis-Kraft was among the favorites of many drivers.

This Media frame is to recognize those who put the pen to the paper, and clicked the flash bulb to get that perfect picture.
These are the people who wrote it and told it, and the pictures keep the past alive.
 I had the privilege years ago at one of the old Midwest racing shows in Homewood, Il. where I had patches and racing books displayed.
 A gentleman sat down and looked at the books and started to talk about everyone in the books. It was one of the best, none other than Chris Economaki.
 He was a wealth of knowledge.

Road Atlanta patches, working on a full set.

Modifieds from back in the day. They were big on the East coast. On any night 10 different drivers could win.

The mods ran 5 nights a week on the East coast.

The arm bands were worn by officials of the different associations.  Note the one on the top right is dated 1940.

A mix of patches and arm bands.  Note my favorite patch on the right with the American flag.
It's for the FDNY in memory of fallen brothers on 9-11.

This frame is a tribute to Jeff Gordon that hung in the Knoxville Sprint Car Hall of Fame.


This frame is a tribute to Tony Stewart that also hung at the Knoxville Sprint Car Hall of Fame.