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2014 Advertising Rates

Advertising your business service and/or product can be a very challenging and tricky maneuver. But done correctly, it can become very profitable. RaceStar Publications is offering you the opportunity to target your clients by teaming up with us to promote your #1 asset, your business.

Our exposure is world wide, but our auto racing coverage is very localized. We cover a 200 mile radius (from Chicago) in local area racing. This means the 200,000-300,000 visitors per month, will be viewing your banner ad on RaceStar. These visitors are avid racing fans, drivers and pit crew members…the type of clients you are looking to attract.

We are offering banner ads on any section of our web site. You can choose where, when and how we expose your service or product. And the rates are more cost effective than any other form of advertising (i.e. newspaper, radio etc.). At no additional charge, we can create your ad and we will link your ad to your web site if you have one. If you already have an ad, we can use that.

12 month rate can be divided into two 6 month racing seasons. Arrangements must be made in advance.
  • One Month
  • Six Months
  • Twelve Months


Advertising rates can be spread out and used any time of the year. For example, if you purchase the twelve-month rate, we can put you up for two 6-month racing seasons if you wish.


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