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Performance Racing Industry
Dec 8, 2016
Photos by Gary Gasper & Stan Kalwasinski


The "Stan & Gary Show" invaded Indy again this year for the sights and sounds of auto racing indoors.

The first modified we saw entering the show.  So I had to shoot it!

Here's the second one.....

Isn't this gorgeous?  It's fast just sitting there.

Lot of signatures on this vehicle.

This is the ONLY person in the whole building who didn't have tired feet at the end of the day!

Look at this, will ya?  Just look at it....

And now, look at this!  This car is unreal.

An asphalt winged sprint car....on a carpet.

Now, if I were a mean person, I'd say- "Here's Stan K. running into an old friend."  But I'm not.

Took a photo of this modified.....

sitting on top of this modified!  See it?

Gary and Stan with Mike Kerchner and Chris Dolak from Speed Sport Magazine.

This is Mandee Pauch, a writer for Speed Sport, who took the previous photo with my camera!

Who wouldn't want to drive this?

The teeny-weeny cars were there too!

These guys were "sitting three wide"!

Graphics on racecars are just outta control...wouldn't you say?

This machine was cutting out PRI 2K16 something or others. I liked the way the sparks were flying around!

A great backdrop depicting ARCA racing through classic photos.

This man has many feature victories in the Midwest area for many, many years.  His name is Larry Schuler!

Ty Majeski is rapidly becoming another midwest frontrunner in asphalt stock car racing.

Another frontrunner, but on the dirt, Jamie Lomax, and his wife Rachel must have known we were in the area.  They hid from us!

Another frontrunner, in sprintcar racing, Tyler Courtney, caught in a serious moment at the show!

Jimmy McCune had a pretty good year in his asphalt sprint.

A few racing simulators were in the show testing one's abilities.

Read this....just read it.  It will prepare you for the following photo....

There you go!  World's Fastest Tree on wheels!

Now if YOU don't look this good in a racing uniform.....then you have work to do.  This is Heidi, and I'm starting her fanclub!

Ah yes, the good old days of road racing!

This could be Brady Bacon's wrap next year in his winged sprint.

The car was parked in such a tight area, a complete photo was hard to get.  You get the idea though on how "sick" this is!

We caught Robin Miller, Bobby Unser, and Rico Abreu in an impromptu comedy act in the hallway as we were leaving.

A whole lotta Penske cars in a room by themselves!

The Borg-Warner Trophy.  Enough said...

Time for a "reflective glass selfie" as Stan and I head back to our RaceStar limo.....5 long, ice cold blocks away!

On to the Checkered Flag Tavern on the west side of town.
Great food!  Well worth the visit.

Opened in 1947 and there's plenty of racing stuff to look at while your meal is being built!

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