Nostalgia Lane
Gary's Favorite Pix from 2014



Rico Abreu got his successful season off to a great start by winning a midget feature
at the Kokomo Grand Prix in April.

Long after the interviews, photos, and trophy presentations are over, Rico is still there for
one last interview for videographer Dean Mills!

At US 24 Speedway for their opener, Michael Brenner in the Senior Midget division, ran over
the tire and safety cone and flipped.  He was ok.

Gas City Speedway finds CJ Leary saving wear and tear on his left side tires during qualifying!

Landon Simon tried to clear the Gas City water tower during his qualifying attempt!

Jamie Lomax on his way to one of many feature wins in 2014.
He was the 2014 Plymouth Speedway modified track champion.

It was exciting to be at the new Daugherty Speedway and see the fans in the stands!
The cars and the fans continued to show up all year and 2015 plans on more of the same.

Dirt Late Model Hall of Famer Dick Potts was to be the Grand Marshall for Daugherty's grand opening.
Sadly, Dick passed away in January of 2014.  His car however, still paced the modified feature
driven by his grandson Jason Potts.

Tommy Beezley's modified looking like a monster heading into the third turn
at Plymouth Speedway!

Danny "The Dude" Lasoski showed up at Plymouth Speedway to race with the SOD Sprints in May.

Nick Allen won another UMP Modified track championship at Shadyhill Speedway in 2014.
You'll have to ask him how many he's won...I've lost count!

The ARCA Midwest Tour made a Memorial Day weekend visit to Illiana Motor Speedway.

The ARCA Midwest Tour stars line up waiting to qualify at Illiana.

Ty Majeski (91) won the ARCA Midwest Tour feature at Illiana and also went on to win the
racing series' championship.

Young Christopher Bell in his USAC midget at Kokomo Speedway during Indiana Midget Week.
Bell can and does win in just about any kind of race car.

Leyton Kendall bounced off of the wall and flipped during his qualifying attempt at Kokomo.
He was ok.

Always a great crowd at Kokomo, no matter what the show is!

Late Model veterans Rich Boal (outside) and Bobby Stremme (35) race at South Bend
Motor Speedway in 2014.  No late model division is planned there for 2015.

At Fairbury Speedway for the rain shortened Summer Nationals tour.  Billy Moyer (21) and
Brady Smith (2) race during their heat race.

Bobby Pierce during qualifying at Fairbury.
 Pierce won the UMP Late Model championship in 2014.

Uh-oh!  No safety gloves and his sleeves are rolled up!

So my visit to Fairbury Speedway happened to fall on my 39th birthday...
I asked Billy Moyer if he'd join me in a "Birthday Selfie"  He had no problem obliging!
Can't wait to see who I rustle up this year on my birthday!

Bryan Clauson flying around Plymouth Speedway during Open Wheel Wednesday.

One of the nicer looking 600 Sprints at Plymouth driven by Kayeleb Bolton.

Brett "The Rocket" Mann wheelied down the frontstretch at Plymouth
during hot laps.  Because he could...!

Tyler Hewitt showing all what "getting sideways" means!

Randy Lines had a good year in his modified.  He won this night at Gas City Speedway.

Not so good were these mods who posed right in front of the photographers!

My visit to the Goodland Grand Prix found our flag being presented from above during
our National Anthem!

Drafting Daytona style at the Goodland Grand Prix.  One guy was nice enough to wave at me!

"Look ma, no hands, as I get the checkered flag!"

IMOD heat race action at Shadyhill during the 4th of July Firecracker racing.

There's a lot of this 3 wide stuff, in all divisions of racing at Kokomo, all of the time!

With that old barn in the background at Shadyhill, I felt like this photo should be in black and white.

If I'd gotten any closer to the track, I'd be his hood ornament!

The Molenaar Memorial at Illiana Speedway and Jack Kalwasinski (99) races track champion
Jeff Cannon (33) in "team cars".

The winner of the Indiana Sprint Week feature at Kokomo, Dave Darland, looked at me first
when he stood up in his car in victory lane.  So there......

This is Kaleb Baldwin.  He's the grandson of Kokomo track photographer Chuck Baldwin.
Chuck handed Kaleb his camera so he could snap some victory lane shots.
I told Kaleb to "stand right in front of me and get your shots!"
This is one of my special favorites from 2014.

Just a few "shooters" at Kokomo any given raceday.  Where are all those photos going?

Tyler Orr flipped his Winged mini sprint at US 24 and landed on that tire!

The creator of the "Munchkin Midget", Mike Fedorcak, needed a tow back to the pits at US 24.
A scene reminiscent of Washington crossing the Delaware!

This is a favorite of mine because my name is on the side......!!

Tim Cox completes his qualifying round in a most colorful Auto Value Super Sprint
at Illiana during RaceFest!

Typical tight racing at Kokomo during the Darland Memorial.

The late models had a chance to race at Plymouth and one of the last Northwest Indiana
late model drivers, Guy Volk, showed all that he hasn't lost any speed!

The late models weren't afraid to race 3 wide at Plymouth.  Opie Spatola (89) won the
feature on this night.

Frank Marshall at Plymouth, always in a pristine looking modified!

Brady Bacon going real fast at Kokomo.  Bacon won the USAC Sprint Car championship in 2014.

Devin Gilpin totally in control of his UMP modified at Plymouth.  Gilpin won the UMP National
modified championship for the third consecutive year in 2014.

This design is starting to catch on in the Stock Car divisions.  Look for more of them in 2015.

Plymouth track photographer Stephanie needed a little prodding (by me) to go give her boyfriend
Michael Clark a kiss after he won the feature on this night.  They've done this before!

While over at Daugherty Speedway, track photog Jessica Weiand stuck her head in the car
to give husband Derrick a kiss after he won his heat race.  Then she took his photo!

When he got out of shape and headed towards me, I knew there was mud on the other side
of that wall.  So I just patiently waited for impact and was glad I wasn't closer!

This sprint car at Montpelier Speedway had 4 different numbers on it.  I wonder if he was
sponsored by the Indiana Lottery...

Obviously, I was in the wrong place to take this photo.  Wait a minute, the car IS in focus!!

Another demonstration of "getting sideways" by Jon Stanbrough at Montpelier Speedway.

My friend and Chicagoland racing historian Stan Kalwasinski smiles with his son Jack
just before the Bettenhausen Memorial at Illiana Speedway.

Another special favorite!  Late model driver John Nutley took "Cubby" along for a ride during
our National Anthem at Illiana Speedway!

2014 World of Outlaws champ Donny Schatz letting me take a shady shot of him at Kokomo.

2 Indiana legends- Steve Kinser, King of the Outlaws,
and "The People's Champ" Dave Darland, talking about who knows what at Kokomo!

Never get tired of shooting the Outlaws in their 4 wide salute to the fans!

Brian Campbell (47) and Anthony Danta (51) waged a fierce battle for most of the
100 laps during the Bettenhausen Memorial at Illiana.  Campbell won
his second consecutive Bettenhausen 100.

4 wide at Shadyhill?  Are you kidding me?  And they didn't wreck?

Cody Fultz' nice looking IMOD along with a nice looking sunset at Shadyhill.

Another mud bath shot!  This time at Kokomo Speedway.

Kokomo track photog Chuck Baldwin smashing his nose and glasses to get the shot
at Gas City Speedway.

A photo no race fan likes.  This monsoon hit Shadyhill exactly one minute after I parked my car!

One last example of "getting sideways" at Kokomo!  This time in a modified.

This photo received a lot of national media attention.  Eric Saunders, paralyzed from the chest down,
won his first 600 Sprint feature race at Plymouth Speedway in 2014.  His dad Irish, was at his side
to congratulate him soon after.  There were nothing but smiles and tears all around. 
(This shot was even on TV!)

The Kokomo Klash this year was nothing but exciting as you can see by this image!

"I got this" said modified driver John Meyer Jr. at the Monster Mash
at Montpelier Speedway!  Probably my favorite favorite!

The start of the Winged Outlaw Midget feature at Ft. Wayne got everyone
up close and personal!

Brandon Knupp won the midget feature on the third night of Rumble Series racing in Ft. Wayne
in December.  Now we all patiently wait for April...!

We can't forget RaceStar's "Little Racefans of the Week"
I'll definitely shoot more kids in 2015!

And finally, a permanent fixture at Shadyhill will be sadly missed.
"First Turn" Timmy Luchene, or "Towel Timmy" will smile
down on us from that First Turn upstairs!