Gary's Favorite Photos from 2016!


The action started mid March at Daugherty Speedway with the sky looking still wintery!

Anytime of year, Nick Allen is hot on the gas.  Tearing it up at Daugherty.

At LaSalle Speedway for the "Thaw Brawl" on Friday night with Brian Shirley (3) and
Shannon Babb battling for position.  Shirley won the late model feature this night.

At LaSalle and the modifieds at war for the feature.  Mike Harrison, Steven Brooks, and Mike McKinney
left to right.  Harrison took the feature win.

Plymouth Speedway's opener finds them racing 4 wide already!
That's 2016 Modified Champ Derek Losh on the inside in #21.

Frank Marshall winning his heat race in front of the brand new grandstands.
He would go on to win the modified feature later.

Sport Compact driver Kevin Sisk was ok after this rollover on opening night at Shadyhill Speedway.

The World of Outlaws invaded Plymouth Speedway in May.  Here's Donny Schatz two wheeling
past Kody Kinser in heat race action.

The USAC Midgets joined the Outlaws at Plymouth on the same night with Bryan Clauson
going on to victory in the midget feature.

The versatile Clauson also ran an Outlaw car at Plymouth this night!

Over to Kokomo Speedway where Kyle Robbins flipped in turn 4.  He was ok!

Coming out of the fourth turn at Kokomo, Chad Boespflug entertains the grandstands with a wheelie!

Now we're at Gas City Speedway for the "May Meltdown" and Darek Snyder appears to be
involved in some sort of thievery.....

Kevin Thomas Jr. sideways going into the first turn at Gas City
and I capture him and a fellow photographer's flash!

The "Crow Classic" at Kokomo and the "tag team" of Shane Pendleton (91) and Charlie Pogue
are off in pursuit of of somebody to pin!

TJ Larson doesn't care that his bellybutton is showing in Victory Lane...
because he's in Victory Lane at Kokomo Speedway!  'Nuff said!

Matt McDonald flew through the air at Kokomo and lost some fuel along the way too!
Matt was ok.

Ken Schrader (9) raced at Plymouth and here he's trying to hold off Zeke McKenzie.

Sprint car winner Bryan Clauson finds something amusing about announcer Rob Goodman
in victory lane after winner the "Kokomo Klassic" on Memorial Day weekend.

That's right, 8 midgets in Keith Kunz' pit area!
He's the guy in the middle with the blonde goatee, and they're all his cars.
This is at Gas City for the USAC Indiana Midget Week racing.

Spencer Bayston (c) won his very first USAC Midget feature at Gas City during Midget Week.
And look who finished behind him...Kyle Larson and Bryan Clauson!!

There's plenty of room for racing at Daugherty Speedway.  4 wide is no problem!

Tony DiMattia says "I can do wheelies too"  at Kokomo.

Monster trucks at Daugherty Speedway flying around the infield!  How's the air up there?

Future superstar 13 year old Zeb Wise does some "lifting" at US 24 Speedway.

The brothers Saunders, Eric (349) and Garrett (71), racing at Plymouth Speedway.

Shane "The Throttle" Cottle wheelstands his way to the 600 Mini Sprint feature at Plymouth Speedway.

Tom Bell (blue) and Larry Witt (red) leaning on each other in turn one at Shadyhill on the 4th of July!
 Look at that packed grandstand!

One of my favorite 4 wide shots taken at Gas City.

Rico Abreu playing peek-aboo behind the heavy winner's trophy
after his Arctic Cat All Star Sprint feature win at Kokomo.

Kokomo track photographer Chuck Baldwin waited "patiently" for All Star Sprint owner Tony Stewart
to get out of his way so he could resume shooting the sprint cars.

Randy Lines with a little burp at Fairbury Speedway in July!

Lance Dehm (1) ended his successful racing career in 2016.  Here he is racing at Fairbury.

The super fast Outlaw Late Models at South Bend Speedway.

And yet another 4 wide shot at Kokomo with someone trying to sneak in and make it 5 wide!

The Jones girls, Hannah 05, and Megan 22, showed the boys how it's done
on a weekly basis at Shadyhill!

Bryan Clauson died August 7th.  Kokomo Speedway had attempted to hold a tribute to him but the weather said no.
A few people were able to speak to the full grandstand, including his mother and father and fiancee
 before the sky opened up.

If only more race cars could look this "SICK"!

OK, here's the other side of "SICK"!

Kokomo was finally able to get the "Clauson Celebration of Life" run in September.  Kevin Thomas Jr. won it
and looked skyward to salute Bryan as the fireworks started to fly!

Brad DeYoung (7) and Nick Allen (21A) door to door on the last night of racing at Shadyhill.  Nick would win
the Modified championship over Brad by .5 points!

You're not supposed to shoot into the sun.  But I did and I liked it!
Jamie Lomax at Montpelier Speedway.

Stood outside the track for this heat race (due to me making a pit stop between races) and Ryan Ranseyer
went over the berm to give me a different angle!  He stayed on it and got back to the action!

At the old Vermillion County Fairgrounds Speedway, now called Kickapoo Speedway,
Glen Thompson did this just for me!  Thanks Glen!

"Outlaw Showdown" at Montpelier with the modifieds "topless".

For a moment I thought I was at Talladega the way Gage Allen lifted into the air at Montpelier.
He tumbled for a bit but was ok when he climbed out.

They don't call it "Outlaw Showdown" for nothing!

Flying as high as the grandstands at Plymouth Speedway!

Chad Bauer came into turn one bouncing high in the air at the "Kokomo Klash"!

David Tomlinson, left, passed away on Christmas morning.  I wish I had a better shot of Dave.
  This was the last time I saw Dave. This was at US 24 Speedway in October.
 He really had a passion for taking photos of all kinds. And he was good at it!
 Rest in peace Dave.

Left to right:  Yours truly, my good friend Stan Kalwasinski, with Mike Kercher and Chris Dolak
from Speed Sport Magazine at the PRI Show in Indy in December.

The late Bryan Clauson with his USAC Indiana Midget Week Champ trophy.
Always smiling, always winning, he will be missed by all who knew him.

We certainly cannot forget the "RaceKids" of 2016.  What a bunch of cuties!
Remember to take your kids, and other people's kids, to the races.
Let them get the "racing bug" like we all did years ago.
And please continue to support your local racetrack in 2017 and beyond!



Thank you very much for viewing these photos!
Sorry if I missed some that you may have wanted.  I had thousands of images to inspect.
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