In memory of my good friend
Dick Potts


January, 2014
Gary Gasper Photos

Dick at Crown Point Speedway in 2003.

Again at Crown Point in 2005.

And he's on Kamp Speedway in 2007!

Gayle Kamp presenting Dick with a plaque on "Dick Potts Night"
at Kamp Speedway in 2009.

And here's the plaque.

On "Dick Potts Night" with Ted Knorr, acknowledging the fans at Kamp Speedway!

Dick with Jarrad Krick and "Little Princess" Madie Hall after Krick's feature win in 2009.

Dick brought the old coupe to Kamp on his night for all to see.

The Hurry'n Hoosier hurrying through the turn at Kamp in '09.

I had a lot of fun putting this photo on Facebook!

Dick with a wheel up qualifying at Kankakee in 2010.

Kamp in 2007.

3 amigos: John Meyer, Dick, and Dillon Hall from the Goodland Grand Prix.

Dick with a crunched right front inside of Mike Mataragas at Kamp in 2009.

Dick battling somebody here.  I just don't know who!

Dick with one of 521 calendars I made for him for 2010.
 One calendar for each feature win he had!

One of many beauties sitting in Dick's shop.

Dick on the inside and Fast Eddie Leviner on the outside at Crown Point Speedway in 2005.

Dick a few years ago....This photo was on the wall in his shop all crumpled up!

Dick racing Joe Harlan at Kankakee in 2010.

Dick having fun with a customer on speakerphone in the shop!

One neat clock hanging up in Dick's office.

Also in the explanation needed...

One of my favorite shots of Dick from opening night
at Kankakee Speedway in 2010.

In 2010, starting out his 50th year in racing, it's business as usual...on the gas!

Dick "intimidating" Jason Feger at Kamp Speedway in 2009
(Dick told me that was the closest he could ever get to Feger!)

Getting ready for hot laps at Crown Point in 2005.

Larry Brooks, Dick, and Bob Markos, who is a columnist and Induction Director
of the National Dirt Late Model Hall of Fame.

Dick in his Hall of Fame jacket.

Dick with the chassis that he had his worst crash in at Pennsboro Speedway in 1995.

Dick in the trophy room.

And just a bit more...!

Just letting you know that he's got parts for your broom....if you fly one!

Dick and Tressie at the Goodland Grand Prix in June, 2013.  Dick was the Grand Marshall.
He told me this was one of his favorite photos.  Mine too!

One of the reasons my wife Arlene would go with me to Dick Potts Auto Parts
was to see the kittens always running around.

Dick autographing an old piece of sheet metal for me!

In October of 2013, Arlene and I returned a bunch of photos of Dick's that he wanted
in a 2014 calendar that I made for him.  Walking out of his office, I turned and said
"let me get a shot of you two".  There was no need for me to say "smile"!


I've had DIRTRAX on my vehicles since 2007.  Everyone has been signed by
a famous Hoosier racedriver.  Dick Potts signed the first one.

Encased autographed Potts diecast car and photo.

The Dick Potts autographed #92.

This autographed 8x10 that says: "To my friend Gary.....Dick Potts"


I hadn't known Dick as long as most people had.  But the few years I had the pleasure
of knowing him and being with him at the track, or his shop, or on the phone, were
 a pure comedy show.  Just listening to him carry on with someone he knew
on the speakerphone at the shop was like being at a comedy club.
It goes without saying that I, like countless others, will miss
this "one of a kind" person.
 Behave yourself up there Mr. Potts!
Until we meet again....